99+ Best Phone Puns Ringing in the Laughter

Phone Puns
Written by Hilly Martin

Mobile phones or popularly known as phones, have become an integral part of our lives. Not only do they keep us connected with our loved ones, but they also provide us with endless entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, what’s better than some phone puns to crack up some giggles?

In this article, we have compiled a list of phone puns that will surely make you laugh out loud. From short puns to one-liners, from funny puns to puns for kids, we have got you covered. So, sit back, relax and get ready to dial-in the fun!

What Are Phone Puns?

Before we dive into the puns, let’s quickly understand what phone puns really are. Simply put, phone puns are wordplay that is based on phone-related words or phrases. These puns are usually humorous and aim to make the listener or reader chuckle.

Now that we have understood what phone puns are, let’s take a look at our list of phone puns. We have categorized them for your convenience, so feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

Best Short Phone Puns

Best Short Phone Puns

One-Liner Phone Puns

  • I’d call my phone a superhero, but it has so many weak spots.
  • My new phone is so ugly, I hope nobody calls me on it.
  • The phone was so impressed with its own performance that it gave itself an app-clause.
  • My phone says it’s “out of work,” but I still see it scrolling through Instagram.
  • Whenever I drop my phone, I pick it up and say a little prayer to the App-gods.
  • I accidentally dropped my phone into the fireplace, but I had a hot line to the repair shop.
  • Ferris Bueller said it best, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look at your phone once in a while, you could miss it!”
  • I don’t know why I keep dropping my phone, I think I have butterfingers.
  • My phone is my best friend, but it’s always giving me a busy signal.
  • The phone was feeling a little horse, so it took a cough lozenge.
  • If you want to make your phone ring, just make sure you leave it on the charger.
  • Sometimes my phone has a mind of its own, it’s like talking to a busy toddler.
  • Every time I take my phone for a swim, I hope it can stay afloat.
  • I tried to sell my old phone for $1, but nobody would take the bate.
  • The phone wanted to go on a shopping spree, but it couldn’t find any good cell phone-etiquette.
  • My phone’s autocorrect has a mind of its own, it’s like playing a never-ending game of phone roulette.
  • Whenever my phone vibrates, it feels like a tiny earthquake in my pocket.
  • I lost my phone at the beach, now I’m hoping the sea-nery will bring it back to me.
  • My phone just took a selfie, it wanted to see how it looked on the other side of the screen.
  • I asked my phone for some space, but it just gave me a storage warning.
  • Every time I go on a road trip, I make sure to bring my phone so we can stay in touch.
  • My phone is like a personal assistant, but sometimes it gets confused and sets an alarm for noon instead of night.
  • I thought my phone was indestructible, until I dropped it on a concrete floor. It took a cracked screen to learn my lesson.

Funny Puns for Phone

  • Why do smartphones make good lawyers? Because they have so much evidence!
  • What did the flip phone say to the smartphone? “You fold me up!”
  • Why did the phone go on a diet? To reduce its call-orie intake!
  • What do you call a phone that’s a party animal? A phone-tomime!
  • How do you make a phone go to sleep? You “app”-ly some soothing music!
  • What do you call a phone that works at night? A night-call!
  • Why did the phone win an award? Because it had the best app-titude!
  • What did the phone say when it went to the dentist? “Iphone!”
  • Why did the phone feel lonely? Because it lost all its Contacts!
  • How do you catch a phone thief? You “i”-dentify them!
  • What do you call a phone that works undercover? An I-private-eye!
  • Why did the phone need therapy? It had too many “un-installed” emotions!
  • What do you call a phone that’s always happy? An I-mojealous!
  • Why did the phone want a pair of jeans? Because it needed some “cell”ulite!
  • How do you make a phone smarter? You give it a “cellucation”!
  • Why do phones make terrible snowmen? Because they always lose their buttons!
  • What do you call a phone that travels in time? An I-ron-man!
  • Why did the phone join the army? Because it wanted to make some call of duty!
  • What do phones use to cook their dinners? Microwave-tenna!
  • Why do phones make terrible pets? Because they never come when you call them!
  • What do you call a phone that likes to dance? A flip-phone!
  • Why did the phone break up with its boyfriend? He was too “phonely”!
  • What do you call a phone that’s always lying? An i-fibber!
  • Why did the phone need a plumber? Because it had a leak in its data!
  • What do you call a phone that’s always working? A Hello phone!
One-Liner Phone Puns

Phone Puns for Kids

Phone Puns Used in Movies

Puns are not just limited to stand-up comedy or daily life conversations. They have also been used in movies to create a funny and playful atmosphere. Here are some examples of phone puns used in movies.

  • In the movie “Liar Liar,” Jim Carrey’s character says, “The pen is blue”, and then later on he jumps and screams “The GODZILLA Phone is ringing!!!”.
  • In the movie “The Internship,” Vince Vaughn’s character addresses a group of college interns and tells them: “Write down your cellphone number, and then we’ll exchange contact information”.
  • In the movie “The Dark Knight,” the Joker hijacks people’s phones to broadcast his message, which he predicts will “ring in some chaos.”
  • In the movie “Taken,” Liam Neeson’s character delivers his famous line: “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.” Later on, he uses a phone to communicate with the kidnappers and says: “I told you I would find you.”

Key Takeaways

  • Phone puns are based on wordplay related to phones and phone-related phrases.
  • They can be used in daily conversations, stand-up comedy, and even in movies to create a playful and funny atmosphere.
  • In this article, we have compiled a list of 99+ phone puns to make you laugh and brighten up your day.


Puns can provide us with a quick and easy source of entertainment in our daily lives. They are a great way to lighten up any mood and bring a smile to our faces. These phone puns that we have compiled in this article are sure to make all phone lovers and pun enthusiasts alike chuckle. So go ahead, share them with your friends and family, and brighten up their day with some phone-related humor!

Remember, laughter is the best medicine. And with these puns, you’re sure to spread joy and happiness around you. So pick up your phone and start sharing these puns now!

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