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Written by Hilly Martin

It might be hard to believe, but there’s actually music puns out there that haven’t been made yet. To help prove our point, we’ve put together over 105 of the best music puns and Captioned GIFS we could find. So whether you’re a Music Puns looking for a new way to lighten things up or just looking for a good laugh, you’ll find plenty of laughs (and groans) in today’s post!

Welcome to a special blog post dedicated to music puns! If you’re a fan of music and humor, you’re going to love this list. I’ve collected over 105 puns and captions about music that will make you laugh. Whether you’re a musician or just a music lover, these jokes are sure to entertain you. So kick back, relax, and enjoy some laughs. Happy reading!

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Music Puns & Caption

  • The only way to make a bandstand is by taking away their seats.
  • The rabbit’s favorite genre of music is hip hop.
  • All snakes are born to be musicians because they always carry their best scales.
  • Cats love to listen to mewsic during their free time.
  • I wish I could tell you a pun about the staccato but I can’t because it’s too short.
  • A clarinetist is always having to clean his or her reeds.
  • I once heard a band concert in the park, but it was too short for me.
  • If you’re playing an accordion, you should never play past your expiration date.
  • Although some bands are not very successful, I still hope they don’t lose their music.
  • There is no saxophonist who has ever been ashamed of his instrument.
  • What do you call a guitar picker with two fingers missing? Fingerless!
  • The flute just doesn’t have enough keys to play all the scales.
  • If you want to be an oboe player, then practice your “blowing” to “nose”.
  • Bass players are always changing their strings.
  • The band is going to play at ten sharp tonight – they’ve got a whole lot of nocturnes until then.

Short Music Puns

  • The guitar solo was amazing but it sure took a long time! My favorite song is ‘Bridge over troubled waters’ by Simon and Garfunkel.
  • An opera is a song in a throaty voice or deep register, sung in an indian style.
  • Why don’t cello players double on the drums? They can’t keep steady time!
  • A drummer who liked to talk a lot got a job as a weather forecaster. He had a great time predicting rain every day.
  • If you drop your sheet music, stand by!
  • What is black and white and red all over? A piano keyboard!
  • What do you call a drummer who has broken up with his girlfriend? Homeless!
  • You’re driving me crazy like an upright bass.
  • If you drop your clarinet and break off two or three keys, it is called “great and loud lamentations.”
  • A drummer was late to a gig because he got his head stuck in the window.
  • If you didn’t have skin, then your bass drum would sound much different every day of the week!
  • What is the only kind of music that can make you feel better when you’re sad? A tuba concerto!
  • Musicians often practice two hours a day to keep their skills sharp, and they call it “sharps”!
  • A great way for students to remember various instrument names is to repeat them like they do in The Sound of Music. “B flat, B flat, E sharp, F sharp….”
  • The symphony orchestra is a lot like a Swiss watch: It’s made up of tiny parts and it keeps good time.

Music Puns One liners

  • If you practice the violin at night then you will ensure that your neighbors have sweet dreams.
  • In an orchestra there are no small parts, just small orchestra.
  • If you play the guitar while drinking coffee, then your fingers will be shaking.
  • A music lover was asked to leave a symphony performance because the usher thought that the applauds were for him.
  • The piano fell down the stairs – it got a good workout!
  • A musician was playing the piano when his mother came up to him and asked, “What are you doing?” The musician replied, “I’m playing chopsticks.” His mother then said, “Play it again!”
  • Music is not in the notes but in the silence between.
  • A clarinetist wakes up in a cold sweat every night. He realizes that he isn’t getting any better.
  • If you don’t practice, then you will never play like a concert winner!
  • Before the invention of sound recording technology, musicians would try to reproduce their music as accurately as they could during concerts; but now they just improvise.
  • What is the best time for playing soft melodies? When there’s a lull in the conversation!
  • If you play a stringed instrument in an extreme way then it’s not too far from the truth.
  • A jazz musician had no money in his pockets when asked for a donation to save the rainforest. So he moved his hands up and down.
  • Hanging out with musicians will either make you more popular or drive you completely insane.
  • If you want to be an involved musician then you must play for free for all your family’s weddings!

Music Puns Captions

  • A musician named Sir Mix-a-Lot played in the band until he made his first album with “Baby got back!”
  • The greatest musicians say their prayers before they start to play.
  • Music is the only art form that sounds like what it represents.
  • After a while I usually get used to all of the weird and complicated notes and symbols in music scores, and then I realize that they’re not really there.
  • If you hear a chromatic scale going up then you’re probably listening to a music teacher.
  • A musician read an article about how it was good for a child to learn a musical instrument, so he had his daughter play chopsticks on the piano.
  • After playing in orchestras for years, musicians still suffer from symphony elbow.
  • When the bandleader told the drummer that he wanted.
  • I was at the symphony and I tried to tell my friend that we should leave, but she didn’t hear me. All I could do was hand her a note.
  • My favorite singer just released a new album. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough funds to go buy it now.
  • I went through an entire jazz piece without stopping once. It was so awesome!
  • I really enjoy listening to my friend play the electric guitar, but I can’t hear anything over her amplifier.
  • I’m glad that my favorite singer is coming to town, but I wish she would stop making stupid jokes during her concerts. She’s no comedian.
  • Some of my friends are saying that rock and roll is dead, but I really doubt it.
  • It was a dark and stormy night when a boy band broke into my house. It was quite creepy. They were also going door to door at the time.

Funny Music Puns

  • I have a lot of trouble finding new Christmas music that I like every year because I’ve already heard all of my favorites.
  • I was at the symphony with my dog, but it didn’t go as well as I thought it would. She kept barking through most of the concert.
  • My dad’s favorite band just put out a new album. Unfortunately, he says that they’re totally passe now.
  • A guitar can’t tune itself.
  • When I listen to my favorite band, their music makes me want to dance, but I can’t because I’m clumsy.
  • I like to listen to music through the Internet on my phone. I use it all the time at school, but sometimes teachers will ask me to stop using it. They don’t get many puns so they don’t get why I did what I did.
  • My friend did not like the song that I was playing. He told me to turn it off, but I couldn’t because he had unplugged my laptop.
  • There’s nothing like getting into rock n’ roll while you hang out with your favorite band.
  • I went into an instrument shop and I was looking at violins. I wanted to try them out, but the shopkeeper said that trying it before you buy it is prohibited.
  • So I just got my new vinyl album and I’m really excited because it looks so pretty sitting on my shelf.
  • My friend went onto an instrument website today and he was telling me about all of the violins that he saw there.

Music Puns & Jokes Cringe

  • My friend recently released her own music album, but she says that it certainly isn’t a top seller.
  • I played a lot of music on the radio today, but I didn’t get any requests from listeners. It was pretty disappointing actually.
  • My favorite singer just released several new singles and they’re really good according to me. Some people, however, might disagree with me on that.
  • One of my friends told me that her favorite singer is going to be in town next month and she’s going to see them live because she missed their last concert.
  • I was at a club and I saw my friend there listening to some bad music. He wasn’t really into it, but he said that they’re pretty good live.
  • My favorite band is coming to town soon and I’m looking forward to seeing them play in person because their concerts are supposed to be the best
  • A group of musicians went to a diner and sat down at the table, but none of them said anything because they couldn’t think of anything to order.
  • A band without a horn section is like chocolate ice cream – it’s okay, but it’s missing something.
  • What is a piano player’s favorite fruit? A key-lime!
  • Every time a singer sings, a little bit of their voice wears out.
  • Bassists help keep rhythm.

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In conclusion, music puns are a great way to add humor and wit to your conversations or social media posts. These clever wordplays are not only entertaining but also show off your knowledge and appreciation of music. From puns about instruments to famous bands and lyrics, the possibilities are endless.

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