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107+ Pillow Puns That Will Have You Resting Easy All Night Long

Pillow Puns
Written by Hilly Martin

Ever snuggled up with your favorite pillow and wished it could tell jokes? Well, get ready to experience the cozy embrace of humor with Pillow Puns! These delightful wordplays are like a soft, fluffy cloud of laughter, adding an extra layer of comfort to your everyday routine.

But why limit the fun to bedtime? Pillow Puns are your trusty companions for all occasions – whether you’re lounging on the couch, having a pillow fight with friends, or simply in need of a pick-me-up during the day.

So, if you’re ready to snuggle up with a side of silliness, dive into the world of Pillow Puns! Let’s transform your relaxation time into a laughter-filled escapade, where every pun is a fluffy reminder that happiness begins with a smile. Get ready to pillow-talk your way to a brighter, lighter mood! 💭😄

Are you tired of the same old stiff, lifeless jokes? Why not take a break and get comfortable with these puns about pillows? These puns will make you laugh so hard, you’ll want to lay your head down and rest. With this collection of 107+ pillow puns, there’s no reason to toss and turn at night.

Whether you’re looking for short and sweet puns, one-liners, funny jokes for kids, or movie references, we’ve got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pillow, get comfortable, and let’s dive into the world of puns!

What Are Pillow Puns?

Pillow puns are wordplay humor that incorporates the word pillow in a creative and witty way. These puns can take on many forms, including short puns, one-liners, and jokes that use pillow references to make you laugh. Pillow puns can be used in everyday conversation, comedy shows, movies, and even memes. They’re a fun way to add some humor to your day and lighten the mood. Here are some of the best pillow puns we’ve found:

Pillow Puns to Brighten Your Night

When it’s time to hit the hay, why not add a sprinkle of humor to your bedtime routine? Pillow Puns are like little whispers of joy that tuck you in with a smile, turning your night’s rest into a giggly adventure.

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  • **”Snuggle up tight and get ready for a night filled with pillow-y puns and sweet dreams!”
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  • **”From pillow fluffs to punny stuff – these bedtime jests are guaranteed to make your night!”
  • **”As you drift off into dreamland, let these Pillow Puns be your companions on the journey to a night full of giggles!”

With Pillow Puns by your side, bedtime becomes not just a time for rest, but a chance to snuggle up with laughter and drift off to sleep with a smile. So, fluff up those pillows, cozy up under the covers, and let the laughter carry you into the land of sweet dreams! 💭😄

Best Short Pillow Puns

  • What do you call a pillow that takes a nap? A cushion.
  • Why did the pillow go to the doctor? It was feeling pillow-y.
  • How does a pillow answer the phone? Callow.
  • Why did the pillow break up with the blanket? It wanted to see other bedding.
  • How do two pillows greet each other? “Hello, cushion me!”
  • What do you get when you cross a pillow with a clock? Time to sleep.
  • Why did the pillow get in trouble? It was caught cushioning the blow.
  • How did the pillow cover for the missing blanket? It spun a yarn.
  • Why did the pillow go to school? To fluff up its education.
  • What did the parent pillow say to the child pillow? “Don’t forget to pillow your head!”
  • Why did the pillow need an alarm clock? To cushion the morning.
  • How do you make a pillow laugh? Tickle its feathers.
  • What do you call a pillow on vacation? A rest stop.
  • Why did the pillow turn red? It was embarrassed about its headrest.
  • What do you call a pillow with a cold? A flu-ffy cushion.
  • Why do pillows like to watch TV? They love a good pillow-y drama.
  • What did one pillow say to the other when they had an argument? “Let’s just pillow talk it out.”
  • How do you know if a pillow is religious? It always has a prayer-rest cover.
  • What do you call a pillow with a lot of money? A cush-ionaire.
  • Why did the pillow get into a fight with the comforter? It was a pillow fight!
Best Short Pillow Puns

One-Liner Pillow Pun

  • Sleeping on your back with your arms folded is like being a pillow hostage.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s always happy? A joy cushion.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s always unhappy? A sorrow cushion.
  • My grandma always said, “If life gives you pillows, make a pillow fort!”
  • Why do pillows never get to go on vacation? Because they’re always being headrest-ed.
  • Why did the pillow go to the beach? To catch some rays.
  • What do you get when you cross a pillow and a marshmallow? A s’mushy cushion.
  • I have a pillow that’s filled with feathers, but it always ends up making me feel down.
  • I’m a pillow salesman, but business is always up and down.
  • Why did the pillow go to the doctor? It had too many filling issues.
  • Why don’t pillows have any friends? They’re always cushion everyone off.
  • Why did the pillow refuse to go to sleep? It wanted to play pillow fight.
  • A group of pillows is called a pile of fluff – unless one of them has a case of pillow-lows.
  • What’s a pillow’s favorite book? Sweet Dreams are Made of These.
  • Why did the pillow cross the road? To get to the comforter side.
  • What do you call a pillow that loves to travel? A globe-trottering cushion.
  • Why did the pillow go to the bank? It wanted to invest in some feather pillows.
  • What’s a pillow’s favorite song? “Don’t Let Me Down”.
  • Why do pillows make bad detectives? They can’t keep their pillow-talk a secret.
  • What’s a pillow’s favorite ice cream flavor? Rocky Road.

Funny Puns for Pillows

  • Why did the pillow sneak out of the bed? It didn’t want to wake up the other sleeping bags.
  • Why was the bed so bumpy? Too many egg-pillows.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s wearing a hat? A cushiony cap.
  • How does a pillow make a phone call? By pillow-ing the receiver.
  • What did the pillow say when it won the lottery? “I’m lucky to have so much headrest-ing money.”
  • What do you call a pillow that’s full of jokes? A hilarious cushion.
  • Why was the pillow afraid to go to the gym? It didn’t want to get fluffed up.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s really good at math? A number-crunching cushion.
  • What do you get when you cross a pillow and a toilet? A cushiony bidet.
  • What’s a pillow’s favorite holiday? St. Pillow-entine’s Day.
  • Why did the pillow go to the therapist? It was feeling down.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s really into music? A cushy sound system.
  • What do pillows do at a party? They cushion up to the guests.
  • Why did the pillow get tickets to the opera? It wanted to hear some soft symphony.
  • What’s a pillow’s favorite TV show? Sleepy Hollow.
  • How do pillows get around town? They pillow-cab it.
  • Why was the pillow failing math? It had too many feather-errors in its calculations.
  • What did the pillow say when it lost its temper? “Why are you hassling me? I’m just trying to rest.”
  • What do you call a pillow that’s always up for an adventure? A roving cushion.
One-Liner Pillow Pun

Pillow Puns for Kids

  • Why did the pillow get in trouble at school? It was caught napping.
  • Why did the pillow refuse to go to the dentist? It didn’t want to get fluffed out.
  • What did the pillow say to the stuffed animal? “Let’s snuggle up and get comfy.”
  • Why did the pillow learn magic tricks? It wanted to be a presti-pillow-tator.
  • Where do pillows like to go for vacation? Pillow-land, of course!
  • Why did the pillow go to the grocery store? It needed to buy some feather food.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s always getting into trouble? A rebel cushion.
  • What’s a pillow’s favorite sport? Pillow-polo.
  • How does a pillow make a sandwich? With the bread-headrest.
  • What did the pillow’s mom say when it complained about being bored? “Just rest your head and take a nap.”
  • Why did the pillow go to the moon? It wanted to experience the ultimate pillow fight.
  • What do pillows like to read? Bedtime stories, of course!
  • Why did the pillow collect stickers? To feather its sticker book with fun memories.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s gone to the movies? A cinema-cushion.
  • Why did the pillow go to the race track? To watch the pillow-mobile race.
  • What do you get when you cross a pillow with a hat? A cushy cap.
  • What do you call a pillow that’s really into fashion? A trendy cushion.
  • Why did the pillow get a job as a food critic? It wanted to try all the feather-light dishes.

Good Pillow Puns Used in Movies

  • “Do you want to talk about a pillow fight? Because this could lead to one.” – Coach Nick in “New Girl”
  • “I’m a lover, not a pillow fighter.” – Tom Hardy in “The Drop”
  • “I just want to go home, crawl into my bed, and put my head on my pillow. It’s been a long day.” – Emma Stone in “Easy A”
  • “I’m a pillow. What’d you expect? A spine?” – Mike Wazowski in “Monsters, Inc.”
  • “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a pillow, and that’s pretty close.” – Unknown in “Freaky Friday”
  • “I would have stolen a million pillows. Hell, I would have stolen ten million pillows if I knew it was that easy.” – Will Smith in “Focus”
  • “I always wake up at the crack of ice. Do you get it? Crack of ice? Rather than the crack of dawn? It’s a pun. It’s a witty play on words. I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t do it for the money. No, I’ve got all the money I’ll ever need, if I die by four o’clock.” – Jerry Lewis in “The Nutty Professor”
  • “Well, the pillow talk was good.” – Pierce Brosnan in “The Thomas Crown Affair”
  • “I finally stole something!” “I’m proud of you, honey.” “A pillow.” “A hotel pillow?” “Yes.” “That’s adorable.” – John and Cal in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”
  • “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” “But nobody puts a pillow in a corner either, so you’re wrong on both counts.” – Johnny and Baby in “Dirty Dancing”

Key Takeaway

As we bid farewell to our journey through the world of Pillow Puns, it’s clear that humor has the power to make even the coziest moments even more delightful. These playful wordplays have transformed bedtime routines, couch cuddles, and everyday relaxation into laughter-filled adventures.

From witty one-liners to punny exchanges, Pillow Puns bring a touch of whimsy to your downtime, reminding us all that laughter is indeed the best medicine – especially when paired with a soft pillow!

But why stop at chuckles? Let’s keep the laughter flowing beyond these pages. Embrace the spirit of Pillow Puns in your daily life. Share a silly joke with a friend, brighten someone’s day with a playful pun, or simply indulge in a giggle-filled moment with yourself.

Pillow puns are a great way to add some humor and lightheartedness to your day. Whether you’re looking for short and sweet puns or funny jokes for kids, there’s a pillow pun out there for everyone. From movies to everyday conversation, these puns are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. So the next time you’re feeling down, just remember–there’s a pillow pun out there waiting to make you laugh.

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