111+ Blast Off Astronaut Puns with Laughter That Are Out of This World

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Space exploration captures the imagination of people across the globe. It prompts us to dream about what it would be like to travel amongst the stars, and thanks to the efforts of astronauts to explain their experiences, we can learn more about what it’s really like to live and work in space. But space exploration also brings with it a whole world of puns, from “Houston, we have a problem” to “I’m over the moon!” If you’re looking for some groan-worthy space jokes, these astronaut puns are sure to take your sense of humor to new heights.

What Are Astronaut Puns?

Astronaut puns are wordplays that relate to space exploration, astronauts, and anything related to outer space. These puns can include jokes about NASA, rocket launches, zero gravity, and even specific missions. They’re a fun way to inject a little humor into learning about space exploration.

One-Liner Astronaut Puns

Best short astronaut puns

One-Liner Astronaut Puns

One-liner astronaut puns are a great way to get a quick laugh and can be used in any situation. Here are some of the best one-liner astronaut puns:

  • It’s the one place where there is a complete vacuum of pressure.
  • Working on a space mission is a blast.
  • Astronauts have a different view on life.
  • Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The wedding wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent.
  • Space is an amazing universe of stars, planets, and asteroids. But it has no ATM machines, meaning no withdrawal of cash.
  • How do you start a conversation with an astronaut? You simply planet.
  • Why don’t astronauts share their feelings? Because they’re in denial.
  • I bet Neil Armstrong would recognize the moon, even though it has changed over the generations. It’s not rocket science.
  • What do you call a space traveler who’s just returned from a long journey? An astronauting mess.
  • How does the astronaut answer the phone? ‘Can you hear me spinning?’
  • Just launched my friend’s name into space – He will be out of this world.
  • Why did the astronaut break up with his girlfriend? He needed his space.
  • Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter.
  • What do you call a depressed astronaut? A dis-asternaut.
  • How do you know if a space station is being attacked by a dictator? Their missiles are bigger.
  • What did the big astronaut say to the smaller astronaut? You’re looking space-tacular today.
  • Why did the astronaut go to the bank? To launch his savings account to new heights.
  • Why do astronauts always get lost in space? Because they can’t stop astronaut-omizing.
  • Why don’t aliens visit our planet? It’s rated humans only.
  • Why was the astronaut in her pantry? She was looking for launch snacks.
  • Why did the astronaut break up with his telescope? It wasn’t a good match.
  • What did the space teacher say to the class? “This lesson is out of this world!”
  • What did the astronaut say after his spaceship landed? “That was a stellar trip!”
  • How do you know if an alien is lying? Their pants are on fire…or they don’t wear pants.
  • How does an astronaut style his hair? With a rocket comb.

Funny Puns for Astronauts

These puns are specifically geared towards those working in the field of space exploration. From scientists to astronauts themselves, these puns are sure to bring a smile to anyone in the industry.

  • What did the astronauts say when they found the impossible type of fuel? “This changes everything.”
  • Why did the astronaut quit his job? He just didn’t get enough space.
  • What do you call a group of astronauts about to embark on a mission? A launch party.
  • Why did the astronaut get into gardening? Because he wanted to see if plants grow faster in zero gravity.
  • What does an astronaut say to their computer after it crashes? “You’re not my type, space bar.”
  • What do astronauts wear on the snow? Apollo coats.
  • Why did the aliens land in Iowa? They were hoping for a corn-tact.
  • Why did the astronaut sneak in a cake on the spaceship? He wanted to eat celestial cake.
  • How do you know an astronaut wants Chinese food? They keep talking about the Takeout Express.
  • How do astronauts stay healthy on the space station? They eat plenty of cosmic grains.
  • Why did the astronaut get a haircut before the mission? He wanted to look out of this world.
  • What do you call an astronaut’s dog? Astro-pup.
  • Why do astronauts exercise so much? They want to make sure they have enough space to walk around.
  • How did the planet get friends? It just needed the right atmosphere.
  • What did the astronaut say when he floated into a bar? “I’ll have a space ale.”
  • Why don’t astronauts drink fizzy drinks in space? They can’t handle the space bubbles.
  • What did the astronaut say to the grape? “I can’t wait to launch you into orbit.”
  • Why did the astronaut refuse seconds at dinner? Space was limited.
  • Why did the NASA scientist take a break? He needed a little rocket fuel.
  • What do you call a spacecraft that has gone rogue? A rebel pod.
  • How can you tell an astronaut loves art? They’re always in orbituary.
  • Why don’t astronauts take selfies in space? They prefer an astronautical photographer.
  • What did the astronaut say when he met his alien pen pal? “Long-time, no sphere.”
  • What did the astronaut say when he found the missing needle in the haystack? “It’s like finding a needle in space.”
  • What do you call an astronaut who’s scared of heights? A little terrestrial.

Astronaut Puns for Kids

Kids can join in on the fun with these fun and easy astronaut pun for their enjoyment.

  • Why did the cow go to space? To see the moooon.
  • Do you know what astronauts use to keep their pants up? An asteroid belt.
  • What is an astronaut’s favorite snack? A Mars bar.
  • Why did the alien go to space camp? To learn from the star-teachers.
  • Where do astronauts eat their snacks? In the space-lounge.
  • Why did the astronaut break up with his girlfriend? He needed some space.
  • What is an alien’s favorite type of music? Nep-tunes.
  • Why do astronauts like to clean their space station? They want to make it Commet-able.
  • What does an astronaut use to fax his letters home? A space-craft.
  • What do you call an astronaut who can’t do math? A little Astro-not.
  • What do you call an astronaut who is always late? An astron-tardy.
  • Why do aliens buy so much toilet paper? Because they have a lot of space to clean.
  • What did the astronaut say to his cat? “Space-oditto.”
  • Where do you go when you need to learn about comets? A space-library.
  • What does an astronaut have to wear before work? A star-suit!
Best short astronaut puns

Astronaut Puns in Movies

Astronaut puns have also made an appearance in popular movies. From “Toy Story” to “Alien,” here are a few examples:

  • “Toy Story” – Buzz Lightyear, the toy astronaut, is full of punny references to space travel, from his iconic catchphrase “To infinity and beyond!” to his use of “star command” as a way to refer to his team.
  • “Apollo 13” – This classic space movie features a variety of puns about space travel, including the famous line “Houston, we have a problem.”
  • “Spaceballs” – This comedy sci-fi movie is full of space puns, from the character Barf, a half-man, half-dog who’s his own best friend, to the villainous Dark Helmet’s infamous line, “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.”
  • “Armageddon” – This movie about saving the world from an incoming asteroid features several space-related puns, including a reference to a “space cowboy” and a joke about a spaceship being named after a strip club.
  • “Alien” – In this classic sci-fi horror movie, the puns come in the form of creative cursing as the crew of the spaceship Nostromo deals with the deadly Xenomorph.

Key Takeaways

Astronaut puns are a fun way to learn about space exploration and add a little humor to your day. From short one-liners to puns for kids and even those within the industry themselves, there’s no shortage of jokes to be made about space travel. Plus, these puns even make their way into popular movies, making them an even more enjoyable part of our culture.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or a way to spice up a space-themed party, these astronaut puns are sure to blast off with laughter. Just remember, always use them with caution. These puns are known to cause groans and eye rolls. But above all, have fun and don’t be afraid to reach for the stars with these out-of-this-world jokes.

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