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101+ Best Golf Puns to Keep Your Game on Par

Golf Puns examples
Written by Hilly Martin

Golf is a great game, but it can also be pretty funny. If you’re looking for some funny golf puns to use as caption and status ideas, you’ve come to the right place. From “Drive for show, putt for dough” to “That’s one way to get out of the rough”, these puns are sure to make you chuckle. Golfers, take your best shot at some of these hilarious golf puns! Whether you’re looking for a caption for your next selfie or just need a good laugh, we’ve got you covered. So tee off with these one-liners and have yourself a hole in one! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Golf can be a difficult game. Even for the pros, there are plenty of things that can go wrong on the green. But one of the most challenging aspects of golf is also one of the most fun – coming up with funny captions and status updates to share with your followers. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further! We’ve put together a list of 101 best golf puns for you to use at your next outing. Enjoy!

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101 Best Golf Puns

  • Asking fore a friend
  • Get down and hit the forehand
  • Lobs a mile and putts a yard
  • 2 Swings to par.
  • Remember the fore fathers
  • Every ball has four corners
  • Opening the door with a fore swing
  • Letting it fly with your fore hand
  • On the green with right? ive got my fore arm ready.
  • It’s all about core values, so stay on course for par.
  • I just need to practice my back swings and im ready to go play.
  • Double bogey in the end.
  • After 3 bad shots i started to get a bit worried then I remembered that I don’t have any double bogeys, just single ones.
  • I need to put some more power into my fore belly putts.
  • Putt like your life depends on it!
  • Don’t return the ball way over par.
  • You can improve your game by hitting off of mats, thats how it should be done.
  • Fore! I should have said fore… haha!
  • I’m trying to get my mind off the recent past events and move on. I need a change of tempo for this shot.
  • You can use power putts to help you get on the green.

Short Golf Puns

  • I went out to try and hit my forehand, but ended up with a backhand!
  • I need some help making my fore hand better.
  • Out of bounds? no chance it’s all about par.
  • Alright guys last shot i’m going for this birdy, please make the putt!
  • I need to make my forehand better.
  • Try and get your putter straightened out for this shot.
  • Let’s go play fore!
  • I need help making my forehand better.
  • I’m not very good at putting with my fore arm thats why i like playing by myself.
  • Double bogey in the end,
  • I’m going to try out for the PGA.
  • I dont think I’ll get called back for a second interview, but ill pick up some free tee times.
  • My fore hand has been giving me trouble lately, i need to work on my short game.
  • It was a long day at work today, so I’m just going to play 9 holes.
  • Hey, you dropped your ball! looks like its right in the fore… ive got this.
  • I wish my fore was as straight as yours.
  • My game is just about up for the day, but ill just hit one more fore down the fairway and call it quits.
  • I havent played in a month but i havent lost my touch, I’ll use some fore wipes before hitting the course.
  • When you cant get your ball out of the rough, just take a fore at it.
  • My goal is to birdie all 18 holes on this course!
  • All bets par off
  • As par as the eye can see
  • Let’s par-tee

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Best Golf Puns One liners

  • You are tee-riffic
  • You’re the best, by par
  • I’m not par-ticularly keen
  • No one is tee’d off
  • My putter is feeling kind of jerky today, I think it’s got the yips
  • irons in the bag, two are missing. Also – there’s a baseball bat in there too, no idea why that is.
  • On top of the world
  • I’m not sure par is gonna be enough to get me round this course
  • The ball hit my club, so I took it out of play. It’s called ‘out of play’ for a reason.
  • Driver off in the rough again. God I wish you could drive on these fairways!
  • Putting with my pitching wedge. That’ll get me really close
  • I’m having a terrible week on the course, par is my best score this year
  • We’re not getting any younger out here in this heat so I’d like to turn around sooner rather than later
  • Oh no! My ball fell into one of the bunkers! It’s in the shadow of the hill though so that’s nice and cool
  • I hope I don’t go into orbit here. That would be a bogey at least
  • I just birdied my first hole of the season, it must have been some kind of dibber.
  • Forget your dibbers?
  • You’re not going to believe this, but I just saw a bloke nearby putt with an actual green monkey paw!
  • Getting ready for the final round of the British Open, tee times are coming out now
  • All parred up for tomorrow’s competition
  • Playing through… 18 holes today

Golf Puns Captions

  • I’m par-ticularly looking forward to being able to do my ironing with this new state of the art, orbital steam-driven device
  • I’m so par at this golf
  • Don’t be scared, show your pearly whites!
  • Midwinter’s morning is here – no glimmer of sun and it’s freezing on this course. You can see your breath, so you know it’s cold.
  • You’re par-king yourself up for a double bogey if you don’t watch out
  • I’m not sure what happened but I just blew my knee off on that bunker over there. Oh well, no pain no gain!
  • The greens are all frosted up, so I’m just going to putt with my eyes closed
  • My ball landed in the rough. It was almost invisible! You could say it was… well-camouflaged
  • That was a good game of golf. My opponent’s only chance now is if he plays with an invisibility cloak…
  • I’m excited about this new golf accessory. They say that it’s a ‘game changer’
  • Put me down for double par please
  • I like big putts and I cannot lie
  • Asking fore a friend
  • BRB traveling around the golf coast
  • I am the golf-father
  • Catch me riding birdie on my golf cart
  • Fore play is not for everyone
  • I am the next great ball-striker
  • Cannot find a FORE!

Golf Puns & Jokes Cringe

  • It was about ten last night when I had to putt
  • The famous golfer’s quote
  • I putt for dough
  • We are open 9-5ish
  • The green is where I’m at
  • You cannot score if you do not go low!
  • Baba booey wants a bogey free
  • Every putt makes me want to cry… But they all make me smile.
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Every putt makes me want to cry… But they all make me smile.
  • I am the tee-packing bandit
  • My swing is my dad’s fault
  • The sky is limit when you are playing with me!
  • Playing golf in Scotland
  • Take two, I’m goin’ again
  • I want to go back to my home course
  • I am the golden tee golfer!
  • When it is wet, I make it putt… When it is dry I make it play.
  • Golf puns are fun for everyone!

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In conclusion, golf puns are a fun and lighthearted way to add some humor to the game of golf. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, incorporating some clever puns into your game can help make the experience more enjoyable. We hope that our collection of golf puns has provided some laughs and entertainment for our readers.

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