111+ Clever Fig Puns to Make You Laugh

Fig Puns
Written by Hilly Martin

Fig puns may seem a bit obscure, but they’re a perfect way to add a little levity to any conversation. Even if you’re not a fan of the sweet and savory fruit itself, there’s something charming and downright hilarious about a well-timed pun.

Puns based on figs are particularly delightful, considering their many layered meanings. In this article, we’ll explore the world of fig puns, and bring you some of the best ones that are sure to “fig”ure in your collection of favorite puns.

What is a Fig Pun?

But first, let’s define the term “fig pun.” It’s a play on words that uses the multiple meanings of the word “fig,” usually for humorous effect. For example, one might say “I can’t fig-ure out why I’m so drawn to fig puns” or “These figs are a-peeling.” The possibilities are endless, and often leave the listener groaning in a good way. Fig puns can be found in everything from dad jokes to television shows to stand-up comedy.

Best Short Fig Puns

  • Hey, nice fig, leaf it to me!
  • I fig you’re going to be amused by this pun.
  • My figs are already marinated, thanks for asking.
  • These fig puns are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • Fig-ture it out, buddy!
  • What do you call a fig that’s been married for 20 years? A Hundred Wedding Fig!
  • This fig was born to run.
  • You can’t fig the truth.
  • Figging awesome!
  • I figured out the solution.
  • Do you like figs? Well, give me a fig-ing break.
  • Figging heck!
  • I’m fig-tively speaking.
  • That movie was a fig-tastrophe.
  • She’s in a fig-ment of her imagination.
  • You’re fig-gin’ kidding me!
  • It’s time to get figgy with it.
  • That’s what I fig!
  • I just can’t fig-ure out why I love fig puns so much.
  • Fig your way out of this one.
  • You’re so figgylicious!
  • I’m about to fig out which one of you did this.
  • This is like fig-ured out already.
  • I’m not great at math, but I can fig-ure this one out.
  • You don’t have the figgiest idea what I’m talking about!
Best Short Fig Puns

Oneliner Fig Puns

  • Don’t get figgy with me.
  • A figgy of your imagination.
  • You’re figgin’ me out!
  • This is a fig-tastic idea.
  • It’s all fig-ed out now.
  • What’s your fig-tion?
  • She’s having a fig-tation.
  • I’m in a fig stupor.
  • It’s a little fig-ugly.
  • That was a fig-spensive meal!
  • You really figged that one out.
  • That’s a fig-mint of your imagination.
  • A fig is worth a thousand words.
  • We’re in a bit of a fig-ht.
  • Don’t get too fig-ity with me!
  • That’s not my fig deals.
  • A fig a day keeps the doctor away.
  • You’re a fig deal!
  • Fig-ure it out!
  • Figs and giggles.
  • Stay fig-tive!
  • Hey, fig it up!
  • Can we fig-ure something out?
  • Don’t get too fig-ugly!
  • But figs never lie.

Funny Puns for Fig

  • Let’s cut to the figs.
  • This fig is up!
  • This fig is on fire!
  • It’s time to fig up or shut up.
  • Please, fig me a break.
  • That’s a fig deal gone wrong.
  • He’s figging out of control.
  • That’s just fig-gin’ weird.
  • You’re in old fig puddin’.
  • What is a fig’s least favorite language? Portuguese!
  • I figgin’ love puns!
  • What do you call a fig that’s never been kissed? A fig-in-a-tree!
  • I just bought a new fig. It’s a figgin’ beauty!
  • She’s got a fig giggle.
  • What do you call a fig that plays piano? Figaro!
  • That guy’s a real fig-ure of speech.
  • Someone needs to fig-ure out what’s going on here.
  • I don’t know what’s more fig-nificant, the pun or the fruit.
  • She’s got a fig-leaf on her mind.
  • This meeting could use a little fig-uring out.
  • That’s a fig-tastic idea!
  • I don’t know what you’re fig-gin’ about.
  • Don’t get fig-idy on me now!
  • I don’t have a fig to stand on.
  • Time flies like a fig when you’re having pun.

Catchy Fig Pun for Kids

  • Don’t be a fig-head!
  • Fig-ure it out, guys!
  • The fig tree is here to stay!
  • Are you fig-gin’ or for real?
  • This game is fig-tastic!
  • Figging out the math problem!
  • Going on a fig hunt.
  • Fig roll call!
  • Fig-ure it!
  • Let’s do some fig-ure drawing!
  • The fig is in the pudding!
  • How do I get to fig-mentary school?
  • This is a fig-tastic playground!
  • Let’s make some fig-leaves.
  • Wishing you fig-tastic dreams!
  • Figgin’ it out one step at a time.
  • The fig is mightier than the sword.
  • Fig-uratively speaking.
  • Can’t get enough of these fig puns!
  • It’s time to fig-ure out what’s for lunch.
  • This fig is just peachy keen!
  • Figgin’ it up!
  • Pumped up figs!
  • Fig-ture it out, big guy!
  • Fig-tastic job, everyone!
Oneliner Fig Puns

Fig Puns Use in Movies

  • “I’m the fig-ment of your imagination.” – Coco
  • “It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.” – Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark
  • “I like the way you fig-administer a beating.” – L.A. Story
  • “Go fig-ure.” – The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
  • “You’re figgn’ nuts!” – The Goonies
  • “Love me tender, fig me true.” – The Man in the Moon
  • “I fig-ured it out.” – Batman: The Movie
  • “Fig-ure it out… it could mean your salvation.” – Moulin Rouge!
  • “I can’t fig-ure it out.” – Memento
  • “You can’t fig-ure out what you want to eat for breakfast.” – Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Key Takeaways

Fig puns may not be the most popular type of wordplay, but they’re a delightfully clever way to add a little humor to any conversation. You can make pretty much any phrase or sentence “fig-tastic” with a well-timed pun. These puns can be enjoyed by people of all ages and are perfect for kids and adults alike. From short and sweet jokes to longer, more intricate wordplay, fig puns are versatile and endlessly amusing. So next time you’re looking to lighten the mood, consider bringing out a fig pun or two!


Fig puns are a great way to add humor and wit to any conversation. With different puns to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your sense of humor. Whether you prefer short one-liners, funny puns, or puns for kids, there’s a fig pun out there for everyone. Even though they may seem simple, their clever use of multiple meanings of the word “fig” makes them surprisingly sophisticated. So, go ahead and try out some fig puns the next time you want to bring a smile to someone’s face. With fig puns, you’ll be sure to have everyone fig-uratively rolling on the floor laughing in no time!

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