123+ Dumpling Puns That Will Leave You Drooling

Dumpling Puns
Written by Hilly Martin

Do you love dumplings? Do you love wordplay? Then you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled over dumpling puns to satisfy your cravings for both! Whether you like your dumplings steamed, fried, or boiled, there’s a pun on this list that will make you smile.

Dumpling puns are a creative way to inject some humor into any conversation or social media post about your favorite snack. They’re also a great way to show off your pun-dental skills and impress your friends. Warning: reading these puns may cause uncontrollable hunger and laughter.

What Are Dumpling Puns?

Dumpling puns are jokes or word plays that involve the word “dumpling” or use it as a pun to create a humorous effect. These puns can be simple one-liners or elaborate jokes that play on the different ways that dumplings can be prepared or eaten.

Dumpling puns are a form of wordplay that has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people have become more creative with their language use in social media and everyday conversation. From kids to adults, everyone loves a good dumpling pun.

Best Short Dumpling Puns

  • Dumplin’ around
  • Dumplin’ diva
  • Dumpling of joy
  • Dumplings for days
  • You’re the dumpling of my eye
  • Dumpling gang
  • Dumpling dance
  • Just dumphlin’ along
  • A dumpling a day keeps the doctor away
  • A dumpling in time saves nine
  • Dumplings make everything better
  • It’s a dumplin’ life for me
  • The sweet dumpling life
  • All you need is love… and some dumplings
  • Proud to be a dumpling lover
  • You’re just a big old dumpling of love
  • Keep calm and eat dumplings
  • In dumpling we trust
  • Live, laugh, love, and eat dumplings
  • Dumpling overload
  • More dumplings, more fun
  • I’m a dumpling, what’s your superpower?
  • Dumpling the day away
  • You are my dumpling in distress
  • Dumplings are always a win-win
Best Short Dumpling Puns

One-liner Dumpling Puns

  • Don’t be a dumpling, make some room for pie.
  • I’m not dumpling you, this is serious.
  • As they say, the world is your dumpling.
  • I’ve been dumpling around for hours trying to find my keys.
  • Dumpling puns are nothing to sneeze at.
  • I’m not just a dumpling, I’m a whole feast!
  • The best things in life are free – like dumpling samples.
  • This isn’t my first dumpling rodeo.
  • Life is short, eat the dumplings!
  • Two dumplings are better than one.
  • I’m on a dumpling roll today.
  • I’m dumpling you we’re going to have a great time.
  • I don’t always eat dumplings, but when I do, I prefer to eat them with friends.
  • Dumplings are the apple pie of China.
  • There’s no such thing as too many dumplings.
  • Dumpling to see you again!
  • I’m dumpling you all the latest news.
  • You’re the apple dumpling of my eye.
  • Dumpling is my therapy.
  • You don’t want to miss out on these dumplings, they’re a real steal.
  • Dumpling is the icing on the cake.
  • I’m not a morning person until I’ve had my dumplings.
  • You can’t go wrong with dumplings.
  • You’re the dumpling in my soup of life.
  • You can never have too many dumplings or too much laughter.

Funny Puns for Dumplings

  • Dumpling the mic.
  • That’s how I roll, like a dumpling.
  • Dumpling or nothing.
  • Dumpling: because sometimes you just need a hug you can eat.
  • Dumpling with destiny.
  • It’s getting steamy in here (because I’m cooking dumplings).
  • You are what you meat – and I’m a dumpling.
  • Dumplings are not just a food – they’re a state of mind.
  • My life is in a wrapper – and it’s full of dumplings.
  • Dumplings: the original hot pocket.
  • When in doubt, dumpling out.
  • The only thing better than a dumpling is a free dumpling.
  • Dumplings: the food that’s worth waiting for.
  • I don’t always make dumplings, but when I do, I make them with love.
  • Dumplings are the perfect pick-me-up.
  • I may not be a great cook, but I’m a mean dumpling maker.
  • Life is uncertain, but dumplings are a sure thing.
  • Dumplings are like hugs, but better because you can eat them.
  • When life hands you dumplings, eat them.
  • Dumplings: the food that’s always in season.
  • There’s no better feeling than biting into a perfectly cooked dumpling.
  • Dumplings are proof that good things come in small packages.
  • In a world full of stress, dumplings are the ultimate comfort food.
  • A meal without dumplings is like a day without sunshine.

Good Dumpling Puns for Kids

  • You’re my little dumpling.
  • Let’s make like dumplings and roll.
  • Life is uncertain, but dumplings are a sure thing.
  • We’re on a dumpling adventure!
  • If you’re feeling down and out, try a dumpling – it will make you shout.
  • Dumplings are magic – they make you feel like anything is possible.
  • Want to be a dumpling pro? Just add kids and mix!
  • Dumplings are like little presents you can eat.
  • Dumplings are like friends – they come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Dumplings: the food that brings families together.
  • Dumplings may be small, but they’re mighty.
  • If life gives you dumplings, say thank you!
  • Dumplings are like little pillows of happiness.
  • Even if you don’t like vegetables, you’ll like them in a dumpling.
  • Dumplings are like hugs you can eat.
  • Let’s be like dumplings and stick together.
  • You’re the chicken to my dumpling.
  • Dumplings make the world a happier place.
  • In a world full of pizzas, be a dumpling.
  • You’re the sauce to my dumpling.
  • Dumplings will always be there for you, no matter what.
  • The best things in life are dumplings.
  • Dumplings are like little boats of flavor.
  • If you can dream it, you can dumpling it.
  • Dumplings: the food that’s worth the wait.
One-liner Dumpling Puns

Dumpling Puns Used in Movies

  • “Kung Fu Panda”: In this animated movie, the main character Po the Panda, who loves dumplings, exclaims: “Skadoosh! The sound of ultimate suffering… or dumpling… one of the two”.
  • “The Simpsons”: In one episode, Homer creates a dumpling-making machine and declares: “I am the Emperor of the Dumpling”!
  • “Master of None”: In this TV show episode, the main characters attend a fancy restaurant, and the waitress asks if they’d like “our homemade dumplings”. One character replies: “No, we’d like the machine-made ones, please. We want that real artisanal feel”.
  • “Crazy Rich Asians”: In a scene, two characters go on a date to a dumpling shop, and one character says: “You know what? You’re like a pork dumpling. Juicy, plump, and delicious”.


Dumpling puns are a great way to enjoy a delicious snack while also adding some humor to your day. Whether you’re looking for short one-liners or funny jokes, there’s a dumpling pun on this list that’s bound to make you smile.

So the next time you’re eating dumplings with your friends or family, why not try out some of these puns and see who can come up with the best one? Not only will you be enjoying a delicious treat, but you’ll also be bonding over some good old-fashioned wordplay.

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