115+ Best Charcuterie Puns to Satisfy Your Appetite for Wordplay

115+ Hilarious Charcuterie Puns to Satisfy Your Appetite for Wordplay
Written by Hilly Martin

Are you a fan of charcuterie boards and wordplay? If so, get ready to indulge in this article filled with over 115 hilarious charcuterie-related puns. Charcuterie boards have gained immense popularity in recent years, becoming the go-to choice for party pun appetizers, small gatherings, and even date nights. These boards offer a vast selection of mouth-watering meat and cheese combinations that are perfect for any occasion. However, it’s not just the deliciousness of the food that makes these boards so popular. They also offer plenty of room for creative display and arrangement. So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of charcuterie puns.

What are Charcuterie Puns?

Before we deep dive into the different categories of charcuterie puns, let’s first understand what puns are. Puns are humorous plays on words that often rely on double meanings or homophones. In the context of charcuterie puns, these plays on words revolve around the food items that are typically served on a charcuterie board. For instance, a charcuterie pun may use the word “Brie” to create the phrase “Brie Mine,” similar to the Valentine’s Day pun saying “Be Mine.” Charcuterie puns can also play off the names of meats and cheeses, creating pun memorable and often hilarious associations.

Best Short Charcuterie Puns

  • You’re the Brie-lliant one in my life.
  • I’m a big fan of your Gouda looks.
  • Our friendship is a Cheesus thing!
  • Life is Cheddar with you in it.
  • You’re the prosciutto my heart.
  • Brie happy and smile!
  • The cheddar, the better!
  • I love you more than Brie.
  • Don’t get in a pickle over Gherkins on a board.
  • Havarti seen your beautiful smile.
  • Life is better with a little bit of Gouda.
  • If at Feta first, try, try again!
  • Couples who brie together, stay together!
  • There’s no such thing as too much cheese!
  • You make my heart raclette.
  • Gouda things come to those who wait.
  • I camembert to think of a better pairing!
  • Will you Brie mine?
  • You’re my Tometo and I’m your Tomahto.
  • You’re my perfect match, like cheese and crackers.
  • Oh, the fondueness we’ll share!
  • You light up my life, like a well-arranged charcuterie board.
  • Our friendship is un-brie-lievable!
  • I love you more than charcuterie boards!
  • I am so feta up with quarantine!
Best Short Charcuterie Puns

One-Liner Charcuterie Puns

  • I’m not Roquefort you!
  • I don’t give Edam.
  • Rind and dine with me.
  • It’s no prob-llama!
  • I’m cracker for you!
  • When in doubt, just say “fromage”!
  • I blue myself away with you!
  • I’m going to cheddar my love with you.
  • Grate minds think alike.
  • Age before beauty – particularly when it comes to cheese.
  • Let’s start some prosciutto with you!
  • I’m always happy when there’s a Brie on the table.
  • I don’t Gouda thing with cheese puns.
  • Never trust a cheese that looks up to the Stilton.
  • Have you herd about the miracle of cheese?
  • Parmesan meant to be.
  • You have a pizza my heart.
  • The wise old cheese said, “Brie happy, always.”
  • You are a good investment, like aged cheddar.
  • I have an appetite for destruction.
  • That’s nacho average snack board.
  • I’m not lion, my love for cheese is fierce.
  • Swiss me off my feet.
  • Let’s taco-bout our favorite cheese!
  • Say it like you’re French: Omelette du fromage.

Funny Puns for Charcuterie

  • “Ham” up your snack board game!
  • It’s hard to make “bresaola” out of nothing at all.
  • Don’t be “blue” because there’s no Gorgonzola.
  • Quit “fakin'” it, and add some prosciutto!
  • We can “meat” in the middle with some salami.
  • Cheddar be prepared for the best charcuterie board!
  • Let’s get “figgy” with it and add some fig jam.
  • Don’t be “goatish,” try some goat cheese!
  • This charcuterie board is “ba-con” my wildest dreams.
  • Don’t “brie-lieve” me? Just try it!
  • Don’t be “blue” – add some blue cheese to your board.
  • “Pork” up your charcuterie board with some ham.
  • “Olive” the items on this board!
  • This board is “gouda” get everyone talking.
  • “Crack” into some crackers with your board.
  • “Feta” up with plain cheese boards, let’s get creative!
  • Charcuterie is not just a “meat” and cheese board—it’s a lifestyle.
  • “Jamon” have some of this delicious Spanish ham!
  • Don’t be “prosciut-to be tied” down to just one type of meat.
  • “Whey” to go with this perfect cheese platter!
  • Life is too short to not enjoy charcuterie.
  • This board is “bleu”-tiful!
  • “Sausage” it like you mean it!
  • “Chorizo” you’re a fan of spicy meats? Try some on your board!
  • “Bee” adventurous and add some honeycomb to your board.
Charcuterie Puns for Kids

Charcuterie Puns for Kids

  • Let’s “cracker” up some fun with this snack board!
  • Ham it up with some ham on your board.
  • Don’t be cheesy—wait, actually, do be cheesy!
  • Let’s get “virtuous” with some delicious prosciutto.
  • This board is “grate” for building all kinds of snacks.
  • “Fig”uring out what to put on your board? Try some figs!
  • Don’t be afraid to “meat” the competition with your board.
  • “Olive” the items on this fun snack board.
  • “Hey, kids, let’s add some bacon to this board!”
  • “Cheese” Louise, this board is looking good!
  • The “cracker” the better with this snack board.
  • “Gouda” job on helping me with this board!
  • Adding pickles to your board is “kind of a big dill.”
  • This board is “brie”-liant!
  • “Whey” to go with this fun and creative snack board.
  • “Chedda” be good—add some cheddar to your board.
  • “Parmesan” what? This board is amazing!
  • “Edam” good and make a snack board with your kids.
  • “Prosciutto” the fun going with this board.
  • Don’t be “feta”-up, add some feta cheese to your board.
  • “Let us brie friends forever!” with this snack board.
  • “Bacon” me happy with your board.
  • “Colby” more suggestions for your board? Try some Colby cheese!
  • “Sausage” it up with your snack board.
  • “Pepper-“on in on the fun with some pepperoni on your board.

Charcuterie Puns in Movies

The Charcuterie puns have even made their way onto the big screen. In the 2018 romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians,” there’s a memorable scene featuring a hilarious charcuterie board pun. In this scene, the character Oliver T’sien, played by Nico Santos, compliments his friend’s charcuterie board by saying, “This is not just a mere collection of cured meats and artisanal cheeses. It’s a map of your family’s deepest secrets.” This pun not only adds humor to the scene, but it also highlights the intricate nature of a thoughtfully arranged charcuterie board.

Another example of a charcuterie pun in a movie is in the popular teen comedy “Mean Girls.” In this movie, Karen Smith, played by Amanda Seyfried, asks her fellow classmates if they want to do something fun, and then exclaims, “You wanna go to Taco Bell?” One of her friends responds, “I can’t go to Taco Bell! I’m on an all-carb diet! God, Karen, you are so stupid.” Karen then responds, “Oh my God, I’m sorry. What did you say?” to which her friend replies, “I said, my Carbs are going to kill me!” This sequence adds humor to the movie while also incorporating a pun based on carb-heavy foods, including bread and tortillas that are often included on charcuterie boards.

Key Takeaways

Charcuterie puns are a great way to add humor and creativity to your gatherings, social media posts, and conversations. Whether you’re looking for short and sweet puns, one-liners, or puns for kids, there’s a vast amount of wordplay to explore in the world of charcuterie. Additionally, movies and television shows have started to incorporate these puns, adding a layer of humor to the scenes. Regardless of how you incorporate these puns into your interactions, charcuterie puns offer a fun way to celebrate the joys of food and humor.

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