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89+ Professionals Whale Puns That Will Brighten Your Day

Whale puns list
Written by Hilly Martin

Whale puns are a fun and creative way to add humor to any conversation or situation. They are also a great way to break the ice and create a lighthearted atmosphere. Whether you are looking to spice up a boring conversation or just want to have some fun, whale puns are sure to put a smile on your face.

There are countless whale puns out there, ranging from classic one-liners to more elaborate jokes. Some of the most popular whale puns include references to famous movies and TV shows, while others play on the physical characteristics of these majestic creatures. Regardless of the type of pun, they are all sure to elicit a chuckle or two.

In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best whale puns out there. From cheesy one-liners to clever wordplay, we will cover it all. So, whether you are a die-hard pun enthusiast or just looking for a good laugh, sit back, relax, and enjoy the best whale puns the internet has to offer.

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Funny whale puns ideas

Best Whale Puns

  • Ask any whale their favorite James Bond movie and they will tell you it is “License to Krill”
  • If a group of blue whales have to make a decision they simply just flipper coin.
  • That large pod of musical whales putting on shows are consider to be an Orca-stra.
  • Some whalers have been known to harpoon a blue whale just for the halibut.
  • Only Dracula can be a Count Chocula.
  • Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are known as her minionz .
  • Pumpkin is the only fruit that isn’t a squash or berry. There is no such thing as a vampire bat.
  • There is no word for a group of tigers in the English language.
  • A group of jellyfish is called a smack.
  • Basketball players are not allow to chew on the court because it’s bad for their shot.
  • It may be hard to believe but in Jamaica they call blind people ‘seeing eye humans’.
  • After the rave, all of the dirty hippies gather and cuddle in a big pile and talk about how much fun they had. They call it a love-in .
  • If you can see why whales would need glasses then you should go into optometry.
  • What did they say before the ’90s? Before the 90’s, people didn’t wear flip flops; they wore sandals.
  • The deer that was struck by lightning is called a Just-Fender .

Short Whale Puns

  • If you go to an art museum and see something like this: then you are looking at a pun. Don’t be an art-snob, see the humor in it!
  • If you’re nose blind and can’t smell the flowers then what do you usually smell? You might smell another flower: a stink-blossom .
  • Before the 90’s people wore sandals, now they wear flip flops. “Flip Flop” is a phrase that is prescribe to several different types of shoe.
  • If something is impressive then it must be eye-candy. If you think your eyes look like two caves then maybe you should get check for blindness.
  • A whale’s favorite ball team is the “Cetaceans”.
  • Ever since he beat Fabio for the role of Tarzan, Alexander has been known by his co-stars as a real bare-naked brilliant .
  • The USA’s favorite ball team is the “Cetaceans”. A whale’s favorite ball team is the “Cetaceans”.
  • If you love roller coasters then you have a lot in common with elephants because they both love to ride the train .
  • If you saw a zookeeper sticking their head into the lion’s mouth would you laugh or be worry? Laugh, they’re not that type of keeper .
  • If two men are walking in the woods and one of them doesn’t say anything, does the other man make a sound? What if it’s your dad! He makes another father !
  • If your eyes look like two caves then maybe you should get check for blindness .
  • If you want to draw a spooky tree, try drawing a family of crooked trees.
  • The deer that was struck by lightning is called a Just-Fender .
  • One of the most popular board games in Romania is called Hungry Hungry Hippos .
  • Someone who eats everything is an eater tare (and not a cereal).

Whale Puns One liners

  • To burn yourself by touching something that’s hot, you should categorize it as heat-slip .
  • The little killer what had to go to the Orca-dontist to have braces put on her teeth.
  • Ask any whale their favorite James Bond movie and they will tell you it is “License to Krill”.
  • If a group of blue whales have to make a decision they simply just flipper coin.
  • That large pod of musical whales putting on shows are considered to be an Orca-stra.
  • The book “Moby-Dick” is just about an Orca who was following its prey around until it got tired.
  • A pod of whales singing in harmony would be considered an Orca-phony.
  • Two whales engaging in a game of tonsil hockey would be considered an act of Spinner-y.
  • Whales suck at bowling because they prefer to throw their balls.
  • Orcas would love playing billiards, if only the table was big enough for them to fit on it.
  • A whale’s favorite game is tug-o’-war. It has not won yet, but it keeps flippering at that pole.
  • You will never hear a whale say “I don’t speak whale” because they are constantly speaking in whale.
  • A group of Orca getting together to play hide and go seek would be an instance of the game known as “seek” or “sheek”.
  • A popular pastime for a large pod of whales is to take a deep breath and then let out a big whale sigh.
  • A large group of whales singing karaoke would be considered an Orca-ter.
  • Whales are fascinated by orange because it is the only color they have never seen, being deep under water for so many years.
  • If you see a whale wearing sunglasses at night then that is just its way of saying “Surprise! I’m a mammal!”

Whale Puns Captions

  • A whale’s favorite planet is Neptune because it has the same name as their king.
  • A group of whales getting together to watch “Whale Wars” would be considered an Orca-view.
  • The legend of Moby-Dick was just an orca trying to get a good night’s sleep and that boat just kept waking him up.
  • A whale getting out of bed would be necessary for its species survival because it is the only time they stretch their fins which is crucial to their collagen production.
  • A pod of Orcas talking about how many times they have seen Flipper will most likely turn into a conversation about how they have seen Flipper 3.14159 times.
  • Whales are able to store food in their blubber so that if their hunting goes wrong, they can gain weight quickly and return back to where they stored it.
  • The reason Whales are flippered mammals is because they keep having to switch which side of their fin aches.
  • A popular game for whales is find the fish, but that game goes out the window when they go into hibernation in the winter.
  • If you ever hear a whale say “We just jumped!” it’s because whales are too fat to jump.
  • When you see a group of whales lifting weights together, don’t be surprised; it’s the only time they can lift things that are their size.
  • It’s hard to tell whether or not a whale is happy because their faces are always stuck in a frown.
  • Whales have an intense fear of being swallowed by a larger species of whale because they have seen it happen on the Discovery Channel.

Funny Whale Puns

  • A whale’s favorite candy is jawbreakers because it can spend hours trying to open them up.
  • When you hear about whales being caught, don’t be surprised that they are usually caught by their tail.
  • Whales are generally not fond of the sport of swimming.
  • Whales would be considered tool users if they could use the door to get out of their houses.
  • Nemo was searching for his father because he couldn’t find him in “Finding Nemo”.
  • The only time a whale doesn’t sound like it’s underwater is when it has something to say.
  • Whales try not to get caught sleeping at work by putting a cover over their blowhole.
  • A whale’s favorite time of day is the end of the day because that means it can go home and sleep.
  • Whales are great at hide and seek but sometimes they don’t find their friends for a long time, like when one of them is lost at sea.
  • When whales say “great white,” they’re not talking about the shark.
  • Whales don’t like to eat fish because they prefer their prey already be dead before they swallow it, and some sharks find that rude.
  • A pod of whales playing Marco Polo would surprise you because when one goes “Marco” it gets tired quickly and has to rest.
  • If you are ever on an airplane and hear someone say “Thank you, sea world!” it’s probably because they are grateful to the staff for safely dropping them off.
  • It’s hard to get a whale out of bed in the morning but it is even harder when they have their feet wrapped around the sheets.

Whale Puns & Jokes Cringe

  • Whales find an easy way to do the limbo is by standing up in their front yard.
  • Whales usually talk about being fed up rather than being fed up with the situation.
  • A whale’s favorite time to be in a pool is when someone pushes them in.
  • Whales don’t like taking pillows with them when they travel because it makes packing too bulky.
  • Whales often eat candy while they’re still in bed because they don’t like getting up just to get a treat.
  • You may not have seen a fish cry but I bet you have seen that whale blubber.
  • Whales laugh during thunderstorms because that is when all of them are awake anyway.
  • The saddest of all the underwater sea animals has to be the blue whale.
  • Whales communicate through songs and when they sing “Happy Birthday” it sounds like a sad opera.
  • Traditionally, the pirate says “shiver me timbers” but a whale says “talk to the blowhole.”
  • If you ever find yourself in a fight with a whale, just remember that it has its feet wrapped around something and can’t go anywhere.
  • Whales won’t eat the fish that swim next to them because they’d rather starve than inflict pain on another living thing.
  • When whales need help moving furniture they just roll over onto their backs and ask another whale for a hand.
  • One time when I was listening to my favorite band I heard a whale say “Dude, that is so metal.”
  • There is no such thing as a half-whale because whales have the best of everything, even their babies.
  • The best part about this list of whale puns is that there are so many for your enjoyment.

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