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103+ Funny Pumpkin Puns for Halloween and Beyond

funny Pumpkin puns list
Written by Hilly Martin

Pumpkins are a beloved symbol of fall and Halloween. Whether they are carved into jack-o’-lanterns, used as decor, or baked into pies, pumpkins add a touch of warmth and coziness to the season. But did you know that pumpkin puns are also a source of pun-derful humor? From clever wordplay to silly jokes, pumpkin puns can spice up any conversation or social media post.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 103+ best pumpkin puns that are sure to make you chuckle. Whether you are looking for a funny caption for your pumpkin patch photo or a clever joke to share with friends, we have got you covered. So grab a pumpkin spice latte and get ready to have a gourd time with these puns. We guarantee they will leave you grinning like a jack-o’-lantern from ear to ear.

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Best pumpkin funny puns
Best pumpkin funny puns

Best Pumpkin Puns

  • Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  • I just came back from the pumpkin patch.
  • I went there to pick a pumpkin, but all they had were pumpking.
  • Pumpkin puns are not easy to make. You have to really take your time and cut the best slice of the joke pie.
  • I was going to draw a pumpkin, but I couldn’t find my pencil.
  • If you know any good pumpkin puns, send them my way.
  • Pumpkin carved my name into a pumpkin. I guess this is why they call it the pumpkin patch. 
  • I started carving pumpkins but now I have no fangs left to eat with.
  • My family’s always been crazy about carving pumpkins. They’re nuts!
  • What do you call a pumpkin growing in water? A watermelon.
  • What do you call a smashed pumpkin? Pumpkin soup.
  • What do you call the ghost of a pumpkin? Squash blossom.
  • I can’t believe I forgot to buy pumpkins before Halloween!
  • Farmers are very picky about where they grow their pumpkins, because people love to steal them.
  • My car is so old it has a pumpkin hanging on the mirror.
  • What did Gourdon say when he saw two pumpkins fighting? Looks like some courgette’s got into them!
  • My mom tried to bake me some pumpkin pie, but all I got was this lousy pumpkin seed necklace.
  • A zombie walked into a bar and ordered a pumpkin spice latte.

Short Pumpkin Puns

  • I love eating pumpkin pie so much, I would marry it if I could.
  • Carving pumpkins is a lot of fun until you realize you have to clean up the seeds and guts.
  • The kind of doctor that specializes in removing pumpkins from people’s throats is called an autom-on-mah-tist.
  • I like to put raisins in my pumpkin pie and call it a day.
  • If you want your kids to eat vegetables, tell them they’re called zoodles.
  • A cat walked into a bar. Then another one did the same thing. The bartender said “What is this? Some kind of Halloween trick?”
  • I bought some new pumpkin seeds for Halloween, but I had to return them. They were barely fit for carving.
  • The best part of getting a pumpkin as your kid is that you don’t have to help it grow up at all!
  • What’s purple and white and goes round and round? A baby with colic.
  • What do you call a redneck that knows shorthand? Shucks, that’s my cousin!
  • What do you get if you cross a vampire and a pumpkin? A Pum-kin.
  • What did the mommy ghost say to the baby ghost? Here comes a choo-choo!
  • I have no patience for people who can’t carve pumpkins properly.
  • A toddler walked up to a pumpkin and said, “I’m not afraid of you.” And then he got hit by a car.
  • Pumpkin gourd? Yeah right, like my parents are gonna pay for me to go back to school!
  • What’s the best way to make friends in an psych ward? Dress up as a pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkin Puns One liners

  • What did the mother ghost say to her flying son? Go fly a kite!
  • I bought some new pumpkin seeds, but all I got was this lousy necklace. Why do they call it jewelry when you can’t wear it?!
  • What do you call a kid that brings a pumpkin home from trick or treating? A pum-kinhead!
  • What does a witch ride to school? Her broomstick bird.
  • I was going to make pumpkin soup until I saw how much work it is.
  • A group of pumpkins is called a puzzlement.
  • I carved out my jack-o-lantern face, but now I can’t find the rest of my body.
  • I spent all day there, but I couldn’t find a single pumpkin that met my standards.
  • It’s not just about having the perfect shape or color for your jack o’ lantern.
  • Pumpkins have expiration dates too! Not a lot of people know that!
  • Did you know? Pumpkins are orange in color due to their high levels of beta-carotene.
  • The ancient people who discovered this were so excited that they carved the pumpkin into a festive lantern!
  • Pumpkin carving is an ancient art which has been passed down for generations, and it’s still just as popular today!
  • Did you know? Pumpkins are actually a type of squash!
  • My mom tried to bake me pumpkin pie, but all I got was this lousy seed necklace.
  • No, I haven’t seen your keys. They look just like my pumpkin earrings though!
  • A ghost walked into a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender said, “Why the long face?”

Pumpkin Puns Captions

  • If a pumpkin lands on a witch’s head, does that mean it’s going to rain?
  • What do you get when you cross a vampire and a pumpkin? A Pum-kin.
  • Why did the pumpkin go out with her best friend but not her boyfriends mom? Because the mom was gluten free pumpkin bread!
  • What do you get when you cross a pumpkin with a ghost? A haunted pum-kin.
  • Did you know that pumpkins are technically cucurbits?
  • Why did the baby ghost cry? Because he had croup!
  • You better not scream this Halloween or I’ll give you something to cry about!
  • There are more than 500 pumpkin spice products on the market today.
  • I have a new recipe for you to try! Pumpkin bread might be common, but it is going to get a little variety from my new candy pumpkin pie!
  • This new recipe will add some crunch to your traditional soft and gooey pumpkin treat.
  • You struck a gourd with me!
  • Even if someone doesn’t have a sense of humor, they can still appreciate these pumpkin puns.
  • I’m really excited for this year’s pumpkin season. I can already taste the deliciousness!
  • I’ve heard that pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A, which is great for helping me see clearly!
  • I only have pies for you!
  • If you’re looking for more pumpkin puns, don’t worry. I’ve got all types of puns to satisfy your craving!
  • You can thank me later.

Funny Pumpkin Puns

  • I’m having a “pumpkin” party and I want you to come!
  • Pumpkin parties aren’t just about celebrating the harvest season; they’re also just about celebrating!
  • You can’t “ketch” the pumpkin season because it’s so short.
  • I’m looking for a partner in crime, because I want to get up to some “punkin” mischief tomorrow night!
  • Mischief is what we do best when Halloween rolls around.
  • Even though Halloween is celebrated throughout the month, the 31st is when we call it quits.
  • The pumpkin season is such a short one because pumpkins tend to rot quickly.
  • I don’t “peel” around here.
  • Everyone’s obsessed with my new recipe: candy carrot cake! Don’t worry about trying to find a real carrot though.
  • Grooving to ‘Pumpkin to die for.’
  • Pumpkins don’t have a lot of style, but I do!
  • Do you know why ghosts love to appear in graveyards? It’s because it’s all about the pumpkin spice.
  • I’ll “pump” your brakes if you’re going too fast around this curve.
  • It’s hard to find a man who can satisfy my “punkin” needs.
  • You’ll be the ultimate decoration on my pumpkin spice latte!
  • I’m trying to “help” but everyone just ignores me.
  • It’s hard to “help” but notice all the pumpkin spice products on the market.

Pumpkin Puns & Jokes Cringe

  • I’m going to make a “pumpkin” margarita for my Halloween party tomorrow night!
  • Feeling like I might be a pun king..
  • I’m still working on these puns. I’ll be back with more soon!
  • Jumping for joy because we finally have day light savings.
  • The economy is booming thanks to the pumpkin spice season.
  • I can’t believe I’m so excited about Halloween.
  • If you’re feeling festive, go ahead and dress up your pet!
  • My mom tried to bake me pumpkin pie but all I got was this lousy seed necklace.
  • A ghost walked into a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender said, “Why the long face?”
  • Blood type: Pumpkin Spice..
  • I’m feeling a little silly.
  • It’s no surprise that there are more than 500 pumpkin spice products on the market today!
  • Don’t “gourd” it if you’re looking for another pun.
  • Everyone under the sun is hooked on my mom’s Pumpkin Pies.
  • Don’t judge me by my Halloween decorations because I promise you, I have no soul.
  • A ghost walked into a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender said, “Why the long face?”
  • Mom tried to bake me pumpkin pie but all I got was this lousy seed necklace. No, I haven’t seen your keys. They look just like my pumpkin earrings

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In conclusion, pumpkin puns are an incredibly fun and creative way to celebrate the autumn season. From silly jokes to clever wordplay, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We hope that our collection of pumpkin puns has brought a smile to your face and brightened up your day.

We’re also grateful to our readers for taking the time to read our post and for allowing us to share our love of puns with you. Your support and engagement mean the world to us, and we hope to continue providing you with entertaining and informative content.

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Pumpkin puns for instagram captions
Pumpkin puns for instagram captions

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