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115+ Gorilla Puns That’ll Have You Hanging on Every Laugh

Gorilla Puns
Written by Hilly Martin

Puns are one of the best ways to add humor to any conversation or situation. They are witty and cleverly designed to be both thought-provoking and humorous. One of the most interesting puns category is that of gorilla puns. These hilarious puns are sure to make you laugh and enjoy the moment.

Gorilla puns are the kind of humorous remarks that make use of the many associations and connotations of gorillas. From their physical power, intelligence, and size to their social behavior, habitat, and general demeanor, gorillas offer a wide range of inspirations for puns. In this article, we’ll explore puns that are both clever and funny, playful and downright hilarious.

What are Gorilla Puns?

Gorilla puns are wordplays that capture the essence of gorillas, their characteristics, traits, behaviors or habitat. Gorilla puns can be short, one-liners, or longer jokes. They can be used in everyday conversations, social media posts, jokes, memes, and many other forms of communication. They are not only funny but also entertain and educate people about gorillas.

Best short gorilla puns

  • I’m going apes over you!
  • Gorillas are the “king-kongs” of the jungle.
  • I was in a gorilla suit, but it’s “a-pilling” now.
  • Hey, want to hear a “banana” joke? Nevermind, it’s “ape-peeling.”
  • What is a gorilla’s favorite game? Monkey in the middle.
  • You’re “simply-great” just like a gorilla.
  • Gorillas are “jungle-vip”s.
  • Gorillas have a lot of “apetitude.”
  • A gorilla walks into a bar, the bartender says, “What can I get you?” The gorilla says, “A banana daiquiri, extra “ape-alicious.”
  • Gorillas are great chess players because they always have a “checkmate.”
  • Gorillas love to monkey around on their days off.
  • Did you hear about the gorilla who was afraid of bananas? It was a-peeling.
  • Gorillas are “ape”-piring leaders of the jungle.
  • Gorillas don’t get mad, they just go “bananas”.
  • Gorillas are among the “planet” of the apes.
  • The gorillas’ favorite type of music is “ape-hop.”
  • Gorillas are perfectly “ape-suited” for life in the jungle.
  • Gorillas win all the arm-wrestling competitions—they have “ape-peal.”
  • Gorillas don’t need an alarm clock, they have their own “ape-sense.”
  • Why did the gorilla break up with his girlfriend? She was “chimp”y.
  • Gorillas are never tired because they enjoy “ape-strolling” through the jungle.
  • No one messes with gorillas—they’re “grape” at self-defense.
  • Gorillas never take shortcuts—they always follow the “ape-proved” path.
  • Gorillas don’t need a library card—they have “ape-access” to all the books.
  • Gorillas are always confident because they know they’re “ape-propriate.”
Best short gorilla puns

Oneliner gorilla puns

  • I went to the zoo and saw a sign that said “This gorilla is dangerous because it knows how to use sign language” – I was like “how ape-some”!
  • What do you call an invisible gorilla? John Cena.
  • Why don’t gorillas have Facebook accounts? They already have a lot of “ape-friends”.
  • Did you hear about the gorilla who was addicted to cherry soda? It’s gorilla-licious.
  • Why don’t gorillas count to 10? It only knows “ape-isms”!
  • What do you get if you cross a gorilla and a firework? A baboom!
  • What did one gorilla say to the other when he stole a banana? “You’re peeling me!”
  • Why do gorillas always have a lot of money? Because they have silver-backs!
  • Why did the gorilla join the army? To show off his “ape-titude”.
  • Why do gorillas have big noses? Because they have big fingers.
  • How do you make a gorilla laugh? You tickle its funny bone.
  • Why did the gorilla eat the jungle gym? It was a “jungle gym-boree”.
  • Why was the gorilla jealous of the banana? Because it was “a-peeling”.
  • What do you call a gorilla with a flower in its hair? A “funky-monkey”.
  • How did the gorilla break out of jail? It “ape-arently” used a monkey-wrench.
  • Why did the gorilla want to learn French? To say “ooh la la!”
  • How do gorillas make their beds? They “ape-arently” just wing it.
  • What’s black, white, and hairy all over? A “zoo-perstar” gorilla.
  • Why don’t gorillas ever fly planes? They’re afraid of heights.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite type of sandwich? Peanut butter and “jellybacks”.
  • Why don’t gorillas play cards in the jungle? There are too many “cheetahs” out there.
  • What do you call a lazy gorilla? A “sloth-ape”.
  • Why did the gorilla go on a diet? To keep its “apetite” under control.
  • How do you know if a gorilla is old? Its fur will have “grayp.”
  • Why did the gorilla wear sunglasses? Because it was feeling “ape-nonymous”.

Funny puns for gorilla

  • What did Tarzan say after a terrible day? “It’s a jungle out there.”
  • What kind of coffee do gorillas drink? Java the “A-peeling.”
  • What do you get if you cross a gorilla and a snowman? Frosty the “Snow-ape”.
  • Why did the gorilla cross the road? To get to the other jungle.
  • What do you call a gorilla with a vocabulary of 5000 words? “A great ape!”
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite musical instrument? A saxa-“moan.”
  • Why don’t gorillas ever go to the opera? Because they can’t bear the monkey business.
  • What do you call a gorilla in a lion’s den? The lion’s “ape-petizer”.
  • What do you call a battery made of gorillas? A “cell-ape”.
  • Why was the gorilla embarrassed at the party? It didn’t know what to “a-pe”.
  • Why do gorillas make bad criminals? They keep leaving “urban” tracks.
  • What do you call a gorilla in a piano? A piano-“ape”.
  • How does a gorilla order dessert? “Can I have the bananas-flapjack, please?”
  • Why don’t gorillas ever ride bikes? Because they’re too “ape-heavy”.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite dessert? Banana-“split”.
  • What do you do when you see a gorilla wearing sunglasses? You “act like you don’t know him”.
  • What did the zookeeper say when he saw the gorilla feeding the lions? “Ape-tizers are for humans, not lions!”
  • Why don’t gorillas ever play hide-and-seek? They always get caught “ape-hand”.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite board game? “Chimp-ion” chess.
  • Why don’t gorillas ever play basketball? They keep “dunking” their bananas.
  • What do you call a gorilla with a blonde wig? An “air-head”.
  • What do you call a gorilla that can play the piano? The “great ape-stro”.
  • Why do gorillas make bad doctors? They keep mixing up “mandrill prescriptions”.

Catchy Gorilla puns for kids

  • Why did the gorilla go to the doctor? Because it was feeling “ape-ful.”
  • What does a gorilla do when it’s cold? It wears a “bananerchief”.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite musical group? The “Bango-Bango Boys”.
  • Why did the gorilla take a bath? It wanted to be “banana-fresh”.
  • What do you call a gorilla with a cold? A “sicky-ape”.
  • What do you call a gorilla with no hair? “Baldy-Banana”.
  • What do you call a babygorilla who loves to rap? A “hip-hop-otamus”.
  • What do you call a gorilla with a sweet tooth? A “chocolate-chimp”.
  • Why did the gorilla go to school? To become a “smart-ape”.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite dance move? The “banana-toss.”
  • What do you call a group of gorillas playing instruments? A “jam-ming” session.
  • Why don’t gorillas ever get lost in the jungle? They have a “great-a-peeling” for direction.
  • What do you call a gorilla that’s always reading? A “book-ape-nerd”.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite holiday? Ape-ril Fools’ Day.
  • Why did the gorilla go to the gym? To get “ape-solutely” ripped.
  • What do you call a gorilla that loves to paint? An “art-ape-ist”.
  • Why did the gorilla go to the dentist? To get its “cav-ape-ty” filled.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite ice cream flavor? “Banana-split”.
  • What do you call a gorilla who’s always telling jokes? A “wise-ape”.
  • Why don’t gorillas ever use computers? They’re afraid of getting a “virus”.
  • What’s a gorilla’s favorite sport? “Ape-rugby”.
  • Why did the gorilla go to the theater? To see “King Kong”.
  • What do you call a gorilla who’s always singing? A “tune-ape”.
  • Why don’t gorillas ever eat spicy food? They can’t handle the “hot-pepper”.
Oneliner gorilla puns

Creative Gorilla pun used in movie

There are many puns and jokes about gorillas used in movies. Here are a few examples:

  1. In the movie “George of the Jungle,” which is a parody of Tarzan, George (played by Brendan Fraser) often makes gorilla puns about his friend, an intelligent gorilla named Ape. For example, he calls Ape his “primate professor” and says that he’s “gorilla happy” to see him.
  2. In “Mighty Joe Young,” a movie about a giant gorilla, the character Jill (played by Charlize Theron) jokes with a man who’s trying to impress her by saying, “Ever hear the one about the gorilla who walked into a bar and ordered a martini? The bartender said, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t serve gorillas here.’ And the gorilla said, ‘That’s okay, I only wanted one.'”
  3. In the animated movie “Kung Fu Panda,” the villain Tai Lung is described as a “gorilla” by the protagonist, Po. Later in the movie, they have a fight and Po jokes that Tai Lung “must be a hit with the ladies… or lady, I don’t judge.”

These are just a few examples of the many gorilla puns and jokes used in movies. Gorillas are often used as a source of humor in films, and their playful and intelligent nature lends itself well to this type of comedy.


Overall, gorilla puns are a fun and lighthearted way to bring some humor into your day. Whether you’re a fan of silly jokes or more sophisticated wordplay, there are plenty of gorilla puns out there to make you smile. From movies to children’s books to social media, gorilla puns have become a popular way to express humor and creativity, making them a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. So go ahead and have some fun with these playful puns – you may just find yourself monkeying around with your own clever wordplay in no time!

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