105+ Creative Fish Puns That Will Make You Reel with Laughter

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Written by Hilly Martin

Do you want to make your friends laugh? We all love a good pun, and these are some of the best fish puns around! These will be sure to get your friends laughing. So, You’ll never run out of ideas for captions again! Make everyone laugh with these hilarious fish puns. They’re so funny that you won’t even realize how much time has passed while scrolling through them. We’ve compiled a list of hilarious fish captions and status updates for your next post on social media. So whether you’re into posting about your latest fishing trip or just want to share a funny meme with your friends, we’ve got you covered.

Because, The perfect way to brighten someone’s day is by sending them one of these awesome caption ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s their birthday or just because – they’ll appreciate the gesture either way! Furthermore, lets have a look

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funny fish puns

105 Creative Fish Puns

  • Puffer Fish: That fish really puffed up my expectations.
  • Tuna: Why is this tuna all about me?
  • Piranha: I piranha every type of joke. So, This one was a little too sharp…
  • Salmon: I’m ready to salmon dive into this article and find some puns! (See what I did there?)
  • Octopus: Why does this octopus have a hold of my leg?
  • Lobster: That lobster really turned up the heat. I’m sweating now!
  • Clown Fish: Are you kidding me, Clownfish!? You know I hate those guys.
  • Carp: Stop carp-ing around and give me some answers!
  • Cockle: Where do cockles come from? Where are they now? Where do I get one?!
  • Grouper: Wow, that Grouper is HUGE. I need to take a picture of it for Instagram. Suddenly my life has meaning again.
  • Parrotfish: I never thought fish could make my life so colorful.
  • Cuttlefish: I’m literally seeing cuttlefish right now… I should go to the optometrist.
  • Siamese Fighting Fish: This would be much more interesting if they were Siamese.
  • Puffer Fish: I have a puffer fish in my pants right now. I’m so bloated!
  • Goldfish: My goldfish has recently learned to love me unconditionally…
  • even when I do things like this.
  • Moonfish: If you give me a chance, I can really show you what my moonfish is capable of… (Wow, I’m really sorry for that one…)

Short Fish Puns

  • Tang: Did you see that tang? It’s like it came straight out of the ocean! (I apologize for nothing.)
  • Jellyfish: This jellyfish is stingin’ me with its powerful words! (Only slightly sorry…)
  • Sunfish: I really need this Sunfish to stop giving me the “stink eye”!
  • Cobia: Man, that cobia can really handle a lot of pressure. I bet it’s great at sports.
  • Clownfish: Hi, I’m… CLOWNFISH! And you should feel bad for having such low expectations… (Oh boy…)
  • Charr: You know, the only thing I like about this charr is its bright red eyes… (Ouch… That’s gonna leave a mark…)
  • Flying Gurnard: Apparently that gurnard can fly. So, I guess we know where it gets that name from. (That was almost as bad as the last one.)
  • Erabu: This fish is a real “erabu” to be around. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)
  • Swordfish: You know, this swordfish is sharp… Sharp enough to cut itself out of the picture! (What did I do…)
  • Blobfish: They just had to go and name this fish after that blobfish meme, didn’t they? (I can’t bring myself to feel bad…)
  • Scorpionfish: This scorpionfish is deadly… I think I’ll stop now. (Nope, can’t stop…)
  • Giant Grouper: Sorry Giant Grouper, but you’re just not good enough to be called “giant”. (It’s okay, I’m sure it understands.)
  • Salmon: Wow, the next time I eat Salmon, I’m gonna be so rich! (Now that’s just greedy… But at least it makes sense.)
  • Nurse Shark: Nothing to see here, just a normal nurse shark. So, Move along please. (Well that was easy and boring…)
  • Pickerel: This Pickerel is picky, and I don’t like it. (Ouch… That really got me…)

Fish Puns One liners

  • Tarpin: This tarpin is tearing apart everything I’m saying! (Why do you insist on doing this to me?)
  • Jellyfish: Whoa, Jellyfish! Nice moves out there today. I guess even jellyfish can be athletes. (Nice one…)
  • Giant Squid: This squid is the size of my bed… And it’s freakin’ terrifying! (I can’t sleep anymore.)
  • Rainbow Trout: This fish looks like it belongs in a children’s movie! (Yea, you’re not making me feel better about this. You’re actually making me feel worse.)
  • Blue Marlin: This Marlin is blue! I feel like I’m in a very old cartoon. (Oh boy…)
  • Guppy: This guppy is so cute, I think I’m in love! (That’s not the worst one yet…)
  • Swordfish: Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. I don’t really want to touch a swordfish… (No, I’m still going to do it.)
  • Barracuda: This Barracuda is about to make me its dinner! (What did I do?!)
  • Manta Ray: Look at this manta ray go. It’s like it’s flying! (That was the best one yet.)
  • Puffer Fish: Puffer fish are puffed up all the time. (I want to eat all of these fish… But I can’t.)
  • Tiger Fish: This tiger fish has the most terrifying teeth… (Why must you break my heart?)
  • Tang Fish: The tang fish is pretty bony, but it still tastes good. Like almost all fish, really.
  • Hammerhead Shark: Humans think they’re the greatest thing in the sea, but my hammerhead shark friends think differently. (I don’t know what to believe anymore.)
  • Hawkfish: This hawkfish looks like it’s in a pirate movie… But not the good kind with Johnny Depp. (Why does everyone hate this fish?)

Fish Puns Captions

  • Rock Cod: This Rock Cod is literally a rock. It’s not even trying to be anything else. (So, I want to leave before it decides to move.)
  • Sailfish: Ahhh! This sailfish just jumped out of the water and scared the living daylights out of me. (What did I do to deserve this?)
  • Swordfish: Sorry, swordfish, but you’re just not scary enough… (I love you, swordfish.)
  • Arowana: This Arowana is beautiful… Everything about it is beautiful. (I’ll see you again someday…)
  • Narwhal: The narwhal’s tusk doesn’t make it any less intimidating. (Okay, I’m getting on the boat now…)
  • Mandarin Fish: This Mandarin fish is so beautiful… It kind of looks like it’s on fire. (You win this round, fish.)
  • Napoleon Wrasse: The Napoleon wrasse isn’t great for its looks, but it has such a pretty color. (Beacuse This is the last one I swear!)
  • Tiger Shark: This tiger shark is the biggest and scariest of them all! (I don’t like you much.)
  • Horse Mackerel: This horse mackerel isn’t much to look at… (Thank you, fish. I feel much better now.)
  • When life gets you down, take solace in the fact that you will always be a trout in my dreams.
  • Is this goldfish? I want to gloat about it!
  • My dog is such a Goldie Locks, he only eats fish when they’re just right.
  • What do you mean I can’t record a Snapchat story of me kissing a fish?
  • I’ve been trying to cut back on carbs, but all these fish puns are killing me!
  • If only people would take a Carp from my advice…
  • My friend told me her New Year’s resolution was to flounder about the past and step boldly into the future! Isn’t that a Sea Lion?

Funny Fish Puns

  • I was told to put my phone away at the dinner table. Now it’s dinnertime for my battery life.
  • My friend used me as bait for his Tinder date, but all she took was a liking to him instead of hooking up.
  • You are nailing your job interview! So, You are showing them you have the Cod to be part of the team.
  • I am so hungover that all I can do is just swim in circles and hope for a miracle.
  • When an octopus walks into a bar, does he order a drink or does he just eight legs?
  • My favorite pasta is linguine with clam sauce. So It’s my favorite dish to eat when I drop the fish.
  • If you want my heart, stop by my pond and try your luck with some fishing!
  • You must have me mistaken for a piranha, because I’m about to bite into you.
  • He hears your jokes all the time, So, he’s that sturgeon of attention.
  • I’m about to get into this pool right now, but I think I might be too drunk.
  • Don’t make me whale puns on you!
  • When you sign up for a dating site, do you put your koi in the water? Because it’s time to hook up!
  • Your momma’s so fat that she’s like a real goldfish, round and fat!
  • I’ve got so much money in my bank account that I’m swimming in it.
  • We need to talk about your finance options. So, It’s time for a fishy conversation.
  • My doctor told me I have high cholesterol because of all the fish puns I eat.

Fish Puns & Jokes Cringe

  • I just spent the last three hours looking for Nemo.
  • Get it? “Sam, you’re a clownfish!”
  • My wife caught me in bed with another woman, but I told her that she was being paranoid because there are no Sharks in our bed!
  • When my freezer’s ice maker broke down, So, I had to start fishing for my own ice.
  • Knock knock! Who’s there? Fish sticks. Fish sticks who? Ooh, these fish stick jokes are great!
  • You know why I’m so hungry right now? Because I’m feeling Crabby!
  • My friends are having an intervention because they think I have a goldfish memory. It’s not a problem, I just have a short-term memory.
  • My daughter has been acting like a real Cod head lately. She’s always moody and out of it.
  • What do you call two fish in a tank? Two fry!
  • I’m an expert fisherman, but my wife needs to learn how to catch more than blanks!
  • My wife told me the only thing I was catching were colds, so now I’ve got loads of free time.
  • You know what would be nice right now? So, A salmon-chino with extra cream!
  • What do you call a chain of seafood restaurants? So, A Red Lobster!
  • “Do you want to go to a fish fry?” “You can if you like, but I’m going to the pub instead.”
  • My friend’s date was going really well until they caught each other fishing in their pockets for condoms.
  • A computer is like a modern fisherman because it uses bits and bytes instead of bait and lures!

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