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243+ Orlando Nickname Ideas What You Need to Know

Orlando Nickname
Written by Hilly Martin

Orlando nickname is a beloved tradition that has been around for centuries. It’s a way of summarizing a person’s personality or characteristics into a single word or two. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident of Orlando, nicknames for this beautiful city abound. From goofy and humorous to serious and thoughtful, there are enough nicknames for everyone.

In this article, we will explore the origins of the name Orlando. We’ll also delve into 243+ Orlando nickname ideas divided into various categories such as funny, best, short, popular, rare, cute, and adorable. In the end, we’ll explore some famous people named Orlando. So, buckle up and let’s begin!

Where Does The name Orlando Come From?

Orlando nickname is a city located in central Florida, United States. The city’s name has an interesting origin. Orlando was named after an army soldier named Orlando Reeves. According to the legend, Orlando Reevs was on an overnight reconnasaince mission during the Second Seminole War. As he was maintaining vigilance from a high spot, he was fatally wounded in a surprise attack by the natives around Lake Eola. The locals named the city in his memory Orlando.

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Best Nicknames for Orlando

50 Funny Nicknames for Orlando

  • The Happiest City on Earth
  • The City Beautiful
  • O-Town
  • Or-land-of-a-lot-of-theme-parks
  • The Buzzing Beehive
  • The City that Mickey Calls Home
  • Theme Park Capital of the World
  • Sunshine City
  • Mickeyville
  • Or-lala
  • The Frying Pan
  • The Concrete Jungle
  • The Oasis
  • Orlandia
  • The Sultry City
  • The Swamp
  • The City that Dreams Built
  • The Sunshine State’s Crown Jewel
  • The Mega Punch Bowl
  • The City that Never Sleeps (except in theme park lines)
  • The Scorching Sands
  • The Lagoon City
  • Hotlanta’s Cousin
  • The City of Brotherly Shoves
  • The Citrus Town
  • The Pumpin’ Palmetto City
  • The Alligator Isle
  • The City in the Swamp
  • The Lemon State’s Capital
  • The Endless Summer
  • The Magic Kingdom
  • The Crown Jewel of Central Florida
  • The Swamp Thing
  • The Big Swelter
  • The Tigertown
  • The Hurricane Town
  • The Sunshine City by Day, the Theme Park City by Night
  • Orlando’s World Famous Wall Crawler
  • The City of Homes and Cypress Gardens
  • The Vacation Destination
  • The Land of Laughter
  • The Mouse’s Homeland
  • The Fountain City
  • The Poinsettia City
  • The Tussle by the Castle
  • The Magic City
  • The Peach State’s Smiling Cousin
  • The Friendly City
  • The Metropolis of Magnolias
  • The Palace of Palms

55 Best Nicknames for Orlando

The following 55 nicknames are some of the best nicknames for Orlando. These names are perfect for official purposes such as business names, mascots, and promotional campaigns.

  • The City Beautiful
  • The Happiest City on Earth
  • The City that Mickey Calls Home
  • The Theme Park Capital of the World
  • The Citrus Capital
  • The Capital of the South
  • The All-American City
  • The City of Lakes
  • The City of Sunshine
  • The Vacation Capital of the World
  • The Sunshine City
  • The Grapefruit City
  • The Gateway to Florida
  • The Magic City
  • The Historic City
  • The Cultural Capital
  • The Winter Capital of the World
  • The Home of Universal Studios
  • The Crown Jewel of Florida
  • The City of Dreams
  • The Land of Enchantment
  • The Heart of Florida
  • The Fan City
  • The Bicycle-Friendly City
  • The Wetlands City
  • The Modern Metropolitan
  • The Center of Fun
  • The City of Adventure
  • The Land of Smiles
  • The Forest City
  • The Orchid City
  • The Aviation Capital
  • The City of Attractions
  • The Home of SeaWorld
  • The Gateway to Adventure
  • The Golf Capital of the World
  • The City of Festivals
  • The City of Champions
  • Orange County’s Crown Jewel
  • The Song and Dance City
  • The Castle Capital
  • The Harbor City
  • The Sunflower City
  • The Lakefront City
  • The Star of Florida
  • The Cosmopolitan City
  • The City of Emerging Industries
  • The Gateway to Space
  • The City of Tomorrow
  • The City of Neon
  • The Garden City
  • The City of Inspiration
  • The Home of Art & Culture
  • The City of Opportunity

50 Short Nicknames for Orlando

Short nicknames are perfect for people who prefer a quick and easy way to refer to Orlando. Here are 50 short nicknames for Orlando that will do the trick.

  • Lando
  • Orlo
  • Landy
  • O’ville
  • O-lando
  • Lando City
  • Lando’s town
  • O’s City
  • The Lando
  • O-R
  • O-Ree
  • O-Dawg
  • Lando Calrissian
  • OD
  • L-On
  • Ld
  • Or-l
  • L. D.
  • O-lan
  • O-duce
  • O-Man
  • O-Town USA
  • Olé
  • O-Sun
  • Olash
  • Ord
  • Ora
  • Orzo
  • Orca
  • Olan
  • Lor
  • O-WOW
  • Lan
  • La-la
  • O-rings
  • Orby
  • Lan-doh
  • O-T-pa
  • L-an-DO!
  • Lan-Dawg
  • Orly
  • Orea
  • O-lin
  • Loli
  • Lanie
Funny Nicknames for Orlando

51 Popular & Rare Nicknames for Orlando

The following 51 nicknames are a mix of popular and rare nicknames for Orlando. These names are perfect for people looking to stand out from the crowd or those who prefer popular names.

  • Orly Pop
  • The Olé City
  • Orlando Ritz
  • O-town Charm
  • The I-4 Corridor
  • Orlando Oasis
  • O-mazing
  • Lando’s Playground
  • Or-nate
  • Lando’s Paradise
  • The Marvelous City
  • The Magic City by the Bay
  • The Southern Charm
  • The Lakefront Oasis
  • The City on the Rise
  • The City of Growth
  • The City of Smiles
  • The City of Possibilities
  • City of Serendipity
  • The City that Sparkles
  • The Lakeside Haven
  • The City That Shines
  • The Gateway to the Beaches
  • The Playground of the South
  • The City That Rocks
  • The City of Hidden Treasures
  • The City of Shining Stars
  • The City of Friendly People
  • The City of Golden Opportunities
  • The Future City of the South
  • The City of Endless Summers
  • The Capital of Central Florida
  • The City of Eternal Sunshine
  • The City of Treasured Memories
  • The Magic Kingdom’s Sister City
  • Orlando Muse
  • Lando’s Paradise Lost
  • The City of Magic
  • The City of Dreams & Wishes
  • The Orchid City
  • The Tropics in the City
  • The City of the Big Mouse
  • The City of Lakes & Legends
  • The City that Never Sleeps Apart from a Siesta
  • The Waterfront City
  • The City of Unending Parties
  • The Land of Good Fortune
  • The Enchanted City
  • O-lantic City
  • The Ultimate Destination City

51 Cute & Adorable Nicknames for Orlando

Looking for a cute and adorable nickname for Orlando that will melt your heart? Look no further! Here are 51 cute and adorable nicknames for Orlando.

  • Landobear
  • Orlybear
  • OrlandoBuddy
  • Lando-pie
  • Orlopie
  • Sunshine Lando
  • Lan
  • dobug 8. Orlypop
  • Lando-tot
  • Orlo-pup
  • Lando-cub
  • Orlan-doe
  • Lando-bug
  • Orlandoodle
  • O-town Cutie
  • Landopop
  • Orlyboo
  • Lando-wag
  • Orlo-snuggle
  • Landopaw
  • Orlan-darling
  • Lando-bear
  • Orly-pooch
  • Lando-purr
  • Orlo-kitten
  • Orlan-duckling
  • Lando-chick
  • Lando-bunny
  • Orlandorable
  • Orlan-honey
  • Lando-nugget
  • Orlo-pickle
  • Lando-sweets
  • Orly-blossom
  • O-town Angel
  • Lando-cakes
  • Orlo-petal
  • Orlandolight
  • Lando-heart
  • Orlo-baby
  • Lando-rose
  • Orly-sunshine
  • Orlan-bugaboo
  • Lando-sniff
  • Orlo-snickerdoodle
  • Lando-wink
  • Orlandohug
  • Lando-smooch
  • Orly-smile
  • Lando-giggles
  • Orlo-joy
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50 Creative Nicknames for Orlando

For those who like to get creative, here are 50 unique and imaginative nicknames for Orlando.

  • Landomania
  • Orlan-dough
  • Orlan-divine
  • The City Beautiful
  • Orlandocentric
  • Landoville
  • Florlando
  • Orloville
  • Orlando-licious
  • Lando-mosa
  • Or-loco
  • OBX (Orlando Beyond Xtreme)
  • Orlandoasis
  • Orlandomaniac
  • Lando-gram
  • Orlan-dope
  • Lando-indulge
  • Orlo-madness
  • Orlando-nomical
  • O-town Bliss
  • Orly-fun
  • Lando-luxe
  • O-landmarks
  • Orlo-tastic
  • Lando-obsessed
  • Orlan-dazzle
  • Landolust
  • Orlo-magic
  • The MCO (Magic City of Orlando)
  • Lando-electric
  • Orly-venture
  • O-town Chique
  • Lando-enchanted
  • Orlo-vibes
  • Orlando-rama
  • Orlandizzle
  • Lando-fiesta
  • Orlo-cool
  • Orlando-liciousness
  • O-town Wild
  • Lando-boom
  • Orlo-hip
  • The Magic Metropolis
  • Or-love
  • Orlandology
  • Lando-nectar
  • Orloflair
  • Orlando-unique
  • Lando-fusion
Short Nicknames for Orlando


Whether you prefer long or short, popular or rare, cute or creative Orlando nickname has plenty to offer. With its wide array of attractions and lively atmosphere, there’s no doubt that this city is deserving of its many nicknames. So, which one is your favorite?

No matter which nickname you choose, Orlando is a city that will always leave an impression on its visitors and residents. From the magical world of Disney to the thrill of Universal Studios, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

But beyond its theme parks and tourist attractions, Orlando is also a place that values community, diversity, and innovation. Whether you’re starting a business, attending one of its many universities, or simply enjoying the vibrant culture, Orlando is a city that offers endless opportunities.

So the next time you find yourself in this beautiful city, don’t forget to refer to it by one of its many nicknames. And who knows, you may even come up with a nickname of your own!

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