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Brand Puns
Written by Hilly Martin

Brands are constantly trying to make a mark in the minds of their audience. The competition is tough, and they need to come up with something that differentiates them from the rest. One of the ways they do this is by creating clever puns that play on their brand name. Brand puns are a witty and fun way to get people to remember a particular product or company. In this article, we have compiled a list of brand puns that will make you laugh, think, and appreciate the creativity of these brand marketers.

What are brand puns?

Brand puns are clever wordplay that companies use to market their products or services. It involves using a word or phrase that sounds like a brand name and creating a pun around it. These puns are meant to be funny, quirky, and memorable, and they help brands to stand out in a crowded market.

The beauty of brand puns lies in their ability to turn a serious brand into a playful one. They can also be used to convey a message or tell a story about a brand. A well-executed brand pun can make a lasting impact on the target audience and help the brand to stay top of mind.

Top Short brand puns

  • Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and thrill!
  • When life gives you lemons, listen to Lemonade by Beyoncé.
  • I donut know what I’d do without Dunkin’!
  • The best way to wake up is with Folgers in your cup.
  • Finger-lickin’ good – KFC
  • Beauty and a beat – Beats by Dre
  • Happy hour is the best hour – TGI Fridays
  • “Just Do It” – Nike
  • Think Different – Apple
  • The Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland
  • Easy, Breezy, Beautiful – Covergirl
  • Melt Away Your Worries – Hershey’s
  • Can You Hear Me Now? – Verizon
  • Unlock Your Style – Master Lock
  • Get More Done – Staples
  • Open Happiness – Coca Cola
  • I’m Lovin’ It – McDonald’s
  • Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman – Secret deodorant
  • Think Outside the Bun – Taco Bell
  • Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands – M&M’s
  • All the News That’s Fit to Print – The New York Times
  • Save Money, Live Better – Walmart
  • Come for the Food, Stay for the Friends – Applebee’s
  • Life’s too short to be small – 7Up
  • Have it Your Way – Burger King
Funny puns for brand puns

Good oneliner brand puns

  • Takes a licking and keeps on ticking – Timex
  • More saving, more doing – Home Depot
  • The ultimate driving machine – BMW
  • Vorsprung durch Technik – Audi
  • Because I’m worth it – L’Oreal
  • The Quicker Picker Upper – Bounty
  • The Ultimate Driving Machine – BMW
  • The ride of your life – Harley-Davidson
  • The snack that smiles back – Goldfish crackers
  • Have a break, have a KitKat – KitKat
  • Make Your Skin Happy – Neutrogena
  • Taste the rainbow – Skittles
  • Snap! Crackle! Pop! – Rice Krispies
  • Have a Coke and a smile – Coca Cola
  • Schhh… You know who – Sprite
  • Save money, live better – Walmart
  • The happiest place on Earth – Disneyland
  • Just like a good neighbor, State Farm is there – State Farm Insurance
  • I’m lovin’ it – McDonald’s
  • Think outside your bun – Taco Bell
  • Bet you can’t eat just one – Lay’s Potato Chips
  • We bring good things to life – General Electric
  • The king of beers – Budweiser
  • Every kiss begins with Kay – Kay Jewelers
  • Can you hear me now? – Verizon

Funny puns for brand puns

  • You butter believe it, I can’t believe it’s not butter.
  • Don’t tell me to calm down, 5-hour Energy.
  • No one’s as quick as Quicksilver.
  • Something smells fishy, it’s Old Spice.
  • I’m all ears, I’m a Nutri-Grain bar.
  • You can’t beet me, I’m a V8.
  • I only Moen about the plumbing.
  • This pun is a
  • little cheesy, it’s made with Kraft. 9. A pun a day keeps the doctor away, it’s Apple.
  • This pun is going to be a knockout, it’s Everlast.
  • I’m not lion, it’s MGM Grand.
  • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy Milky Way.
  • I’m nuts about Almond Joy.
  • Golf-ball puns? Fore Sure!
  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superjeweler!
  • Life’s too short for subpar puns, it’s Jimmy John’s.
  • I’m on a roll, it’s Pillsbury.
  • Don’t chicken out, it’s Perdue.
  • Water you waiting for? It’s Dasani.
  • I’d swipe right on this pun, it’s Tinder.
  • Don’t be a square, it’s Domino’s.
  • Things are really heating up, it’s Frank’s RedHot Sauce.
  • This pun is a real page-turner, it’s Barnes & Noble.
  • Word around the water cooler is that this pun is hilarious, it’s Aquafina.
  • This pun is music to my ears, it’s Bose.

Catchy Brand puns for kids

  • I’m lovin’ it – McDonald’s
  • Tiggerific! – Disney
  • Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids – Trix cereal
  • Can you dig it? – Tonka
  • The best a man can get – Gillette
  • Every hug is worth a million bucks – Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Good to the last drop – Maxwell House
  • The ultimate playground – Chuck E. Cheese
  • Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins, visit Elf Workshop.
  • Betcha can’t eat just one – Lay’s
  • M’m! M’m! Good! – Campbell’s
  • Kid tested, Mother approved – Kix cereal
  • The incredible world of Little Tikes – Little Tikes toys
  • Can you hear me now? Good! – Verizon
  • Play. Laugh. Grow. – Fisher-Price
  • Doing it right, doing it bright – Energizer
  • Snap into a Slim Jim – Slim Jim
  • Oh, boy! – Mickey Mouse
  • The one and only – Mr. Potato Head
  • The best baby advice got milk? – Milk
  • So good, elephants put their stamp on it – Planters
  • Nothing outlasts the Energizer – Energizer
  • Be cool, stay in school – D.A.R.E.
  • Just for the fun of it – Dr. Pepper
  • Books with a beat – Nickelodeon
Good oneliner brand puns

Brand puns use in movies

Brand puns have also made their way onto the big screen. In some cases, they’re used to add humor to a scene, and in others, they’re used to make a pop-culture reference. Here are a few examples:

  • In “Meet the Parents,” one of the characters talks about the “Circle of Trust,” which is a play on the “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King.”
  • In “Austin Powers,” one of the characters says, “I’m jealous of myself,” which is a reference to a Reebok commercial.
  • In “The Devil Wears Prada,” one of the characters says, “That’s all,” which is a play on the “That’s All Folks!” catchphrase from Looney Tunes.
  • In “Transformers,” one of the characters says, “It’s the AllSpark. It’s really happening!” which is a play on the tagline for Coca-Cola, “It’s the real thing.”
  • In “Zootopia,” one of the characters says, “Life is messy. We all make mistakes,” which is a line from Brawny paper towels’ slogan, “Brawny Makes Messes More Manageable.”

Key Takeaways

Brand puns are a fun and creative way for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They’re witty, memorable, and can turn a serious brand into a playful one. In this article, we have shared 113 brand puns that will make you laugh, think, and appreciate the creativity of these brand marketers.

Whether you’re a consumer or a marketer, brand puns can be used to add humor, convey a message, and make pop culture references. They can be used in advertising, social media, and even in movies. With a bit of wit and creativity, anyone can come up with a brand pun that will leave a lasting impression on their audience.

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