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201+ Agustus Nicknames for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Agustus Nicknames
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Nicknames are a fascinating aspect of our culture, and they play a significant role in how we perceive and address others. Whether it’s a shortened version of their given name or a completely unrelated moniker, nicknames can tell us a lot about a person’s personality, interests, and even their background. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the world of nicknames, focusing specifically on the name Agustus.

Agustus is a unique name that carries with it a sense of regality and power. It’s a name that has been used throughout history by many influential figures, from ancient Roman emperors to modern-day politicians and musicians. However, despite its grandeur, Agustus is not a name that is commonly used today. This begs the question, what kind of nicknames do people come up with for those who go by the name Agustus?

In this post, we’ll delve into the various nicknames that people have given to those named Agustus, from the classic Gus to the more unusual Aggie or August. We’ll also explore the origins of the name Agustus and its cultural significance. By the end of this post, readers will have a newfound appreciation for the name Agustus and its many variations. So, whether you’re an Agustus yourself or just a curious reader, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of nicknames!

Where Does The Name Agustus Come From?

The name Augustus has its origins in ancient Rome. It was first used as a title for Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, the first Roman Emperor, who ruled from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. The name Augustus means “majestic” or “venerable” in Latin, and it was chosen by Octavianus to reflect his status as the most powerful man in the Roman Empire. The name Augustus has since been used as a given name in various cultures and has come to symbolize power, strength, and authority.

Table of Information:

OriginAncient Rome
Meaning“Majestic” or “venerable” in Latin
First Used ByGaius Julius Caesar Octavianus
TitleFirst Roman Emperor
Reign27 BC – AD 14
SymbolizesPower, strength, and authority
Use TodayGiven name in various cultures

In conclusion, the name Augustus has a rich history and is associated with power and authority. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Rome, where it was used as a title for the first Roman Emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. Today, Augustus continues to be used as a given name in various cultures, and its meaning of “majestic” or “venerable” remains relevant and powerful.

Best Nicknames for Agustus

Short Agustus Nicknames

  • Guster
  • A.J.
  • Gus-Gus
  • Aggy
  • Augusta
  • Augie-poo
  • Augustus the Great
  • Augdog
  • Gusbus
  • Aug-dawg
  • Auggiebear
  • Augiebaby
  • Gussy-wussy
  • Ag-man
  • Augstar
  • Gus-guy
  • Auggiepie
  • Auggy-wuggy
  • Aggy-poo
  • Augustus Maximus
  • Augie-doodle
  • Augiemuffin
  • Gussie-pie
  • Augustus the Brave
  • Augie-bug
  • Gussie-bear
  • Augie-monster
  • Aggie-pie
  • Gusster
  • Auggieboo
  • Augie-bear
  • Gussy-boo
  • Augie-wug
  • Aggy-bear

Best Nicknames for Agustus

  • Auggie Boo
  • Auggie Pie
  • Auggie Pop
  • Auggie Buggie
  • Auggie Poodle
  • Auggie Fresh
  • Auggie Style
  • Auggie J
  • Auggie T
  • Auggie K
  • Auggie C
  • Auggie F
  • Auggie G
  • Auggie M
  • Auggie N
  • Auggie R
  • Auggie S
  • Auggie V
  • Auggie X
  • Auggie Y
  • Auggie Z
  • Aggy B
  • Aggy D
  • Aggy F
  • Aggy G
  • Aggy J
  • Aggy K
  • Aggy M
  • Aggy N
  • Aggy R
  • Aggy S
  • Aggy V
  • Aggy X.

Cool Agustus Nicknames

  • Gusman
  • Auggie Poo
  • Gusto
  • Gustav
  • Augustine
  • Augie Fresh
  • Augusto Pinochet
  • Gus the Great
  • Auggie Smalls
  • August Rush
  • Gustavus Adolphus
  • Agostino
  • Augie Baller
  • Gus Macker
  • Auggie Sunshine
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • Augie Football
  • Augustus the Strong
  • Auggie Moon
  • Augusto Boal
  • Augustus the Wise
  • Auggie Love
  • Augie Hockey
  • Auguste Rodin
  • Gus Bus
  • Auggie the Brave
  • Augustinian
  • Augustus the Just
  • Auggie the Awesome.
Cool Agustus Nicknames

Rare Agustus Nicknames

  • Gussie
  • Auggy
  • Auggs
  • Augy
  • Augs
  • Guss
  • Augie Doggy
  • Auggie Bear
  • Augie Poochie
  • Augusto
  • Augie March
  • Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy
  • Augustus Gloop
  • Gussie Fink-Nottle
  • Augustus Waters
  • Augustus Hill
  • Augustus Snow
  • Augie Busch
  • Auggie Busch
  • Augie Marchbanks
  • Augie Nieto
  • Auggie Allmon
  • Augustus Ceasar
  • Augustus Grey
  • Augustus Hawk
  • Augustus Lightfoot
  • Augustus Longstreet
  • Augustus St. Cloud
  • Augustus McCrae
  • Augustus Prew
  • Augustus Pye
  • Augustus Rookwood
  • Augustus Sage County
  • Augustus Sinclair
  • Augustus Sol Invictus
  • Augustus Swann
  • Augustus T. Loop
  • Augustus Troy
  • Augustus Van Dusen

Popular Agustus Nicknames

  • Gus
  • Auggie
  • Aggie
  • Gus Gus
  • Auggie Doggie
  • Auggy Bear
  • G-Man
  • August
  • Aug
  • Agus
  • Auggo
  • Agustus
  • Auggie Wuggie
  • Auggie Puggie
  • Augie Dogie
  • Augie Moochie
  • Auggie Nugget
  • Augie Boo
  • Gusty
  • Auggie Doodle
  • Augie Buggie
  • Agustín
  • Auggie Bug
  • Augie Pie
  • Gussy
  • Auggie Hugs
  • Augustus Caesar
  • Auggie B
  • Auggie Cakes
  • Auggy Poo
  • Augie Waugie
  • Aggie Boo
  • Auggie Poochie
  • Augie Bear
  • Gugu
  • Auggie Pops
  • Augie Duggie
  • Auggie Mama
  • Agusto
  • Auggie Peaches
  • Augie Snuggles
  • Auggie Loo
  • Augie Floogie
  • Gug
  • Auggie Poppy
  • Auggie Smoochie
  • Augustino
  • Augie


  • Augustus Caesar – Roman Emperor who established the Roman Empire and was its first emperor.
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens – American sculptor known for his bronze sculptures, including the Shaw Memorial and the standing statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park, Chicago.
  • Augustus John – Welsh painter, draughtsman, and etcher, known for his portraits, landscapes, and self-portraits.
  • Augustus Pablo – Jamaican musician and record producer, known for his contributions to the development of dub music.
  • Augustus John Roebling – American civil engineer, who designed and supervised the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Augustus Prew – English actor known for his roles in the films “About a Boy” and “The Secret Scripture.”
  • Augustus Baldwin Longstreet – American humorist and lawyer, known for his satirical writings and speeches.
  • Augustus Edwin John – Welsh painter, draughtsman, and etcher, known for his portraits and landscapes.

How To Spell Agustus

Here are some ways to spell “Augustus” in different styles and languages:

  • English: Augustus
  • Latin: Augustus
  • Italian: Augusto
  • Spanish: Augusto
  • French: Auguste
  • German: Augustus
  • Dutch: Augustus
  • Portuguese: Augusto
  • Russian: Август (Av-gust)
  • Greek: Αύγουστος (Av-gous-tos)
  • Chinese: 奥古斯都 (Aò-gǔ-sī-dū)
  • Japanese: アウグストゥス (A-u-gusuto)
  • Arabic: أوغسطس (Oghus-tus)
Short Agustus Nicknames


In conclusion, Agustus is a fascinating name with a rich history and meaning. It has been popular for centuries, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. This name is a great choice for parents looking for a unique and meaningful name for their baby boy.

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